2021 May 17:  Ed Wallace of Wheels Whitewashes BLM Violence

On the May 15, 2021 edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace,  ♫ Wallace asserts multiple times that 95+% of BLM protests were peaceful.  He does not cite from what source he obtains that statistic.  As such, Wallace's assertion has the same feel of propaganda as that of the CNN captioning of the Kenosha demonstrations as "FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING" over an image of a city in flames.

CNN: Arson Mostly Peaceful></p>

<p>He recites this claim while recounting a tale of being illegally restrained
by a protest blocking traffic near Dealey Plaza.<span style=  About one block away from Dealey Plaza (0.2 miles) is El Centro Community College, which is the site where a mostly peaceful BLM protest left 5 police officers dead and 12 more shot.  Dealey Plaza is also less than a mile from Victory Park, where a Dallas man was viciously beaten by BLM rioters, rendering him bloody and unconscious, for defending a business during another BLM demonstration.

Wallace whitewashes all of this as mostly peaceful.  Wallace has no problem being illegally detained in traffic by an African American protest (Wallace’s description) and dismisses all who think otherwise.  He ♫ mocks the idea of obtaining a permit to demonstrate the correct way, even though the city of Dallas offers a convenient online form with which to obtain a First Amendment Activity permit.  And, yes, contractors are also required to obtain permits to block traffic.

<SARCASM> The BLM protests were mostly peaceful in as much as Wallace’s reports are mostly factual. </SARCASM>