Ed Wallace of Inside Automotive / KLIF Wheels pushes false narratives

Ed Wallace of the Inside Automotive website and the Wheels with Ed Wallace KLIF radio show promotes false narratives as news and pushes automotive consumer advice that benefits his sponsors at the expense of his audience.


Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Posts Link Label that Outs Transgender Rancher
2022 June 24

In the June 17, 2022 edition of Inside Automotive, Ed Wallace exposed more than just an article about “Big Oil Secrets”. 

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive's Link Label Outs Transgender Rancher [EXPAND]

With the link label of "Trans-Texas Rancher Exposing Big Oil Secrets”, Wallace links to a Texas Monthly article that discusses a rancher's battles with the toxins leaking from abandoned wells.  The linked article makes no mention of the rancher's gender.  The gender of the rancher did not cause the toxins to leak from the abandoned wells.  So, despite having no journalistic value, Ed Wallace published the rancher's gender history on the World Wide Web via a link label.

This outing on Inside Automotive was a follow up to his jovial outing of that same rancher on KLIF's Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show, as documented by the following three posts:

2021 August 15: Ed Wallace Exposes and Disparages Private Citizen For Being A Transgender Woman

2021 August 22: Ed Wallace Facilitates Identity Theft of Transgender Woman

2021 September 3: Why Ed Wallace of KLIF Wheels Outed a Transgender Woman


One detail found in that linked Texas Monthly article is that the rancher donated $2 million to the railroad commissioner campaign of Republican primary candidate Sarah Stogner.  The donation was reported ahead of the May 24, 2022 runoff and caught the attention of Brandon Waltens of the Texas Scorecard, who posted the following article on May 17, 2022:

Texas Scorecard Headlines Transgender Rancher. Ed Wallace the ultimate source?

Waltens' article does not state the source for his identification of the rancher as transgendered (a request to Waltens for the source has gone unanswered).  But, it is quite possible that Waltens got that information as a result of Ed Wallace’s broadcasts (directly or otherwise). 

Almost every week, Ed Wallace laments that Republican crony capitalist are repeatedly elected to Texas state office.  How ironic that as the result of his mocking exposure of the gender history of a rancher, Wallace might have contributed to the primary loss of a republican candidate with whom he agreed with on well site cleanup.

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Inside Automotive / KLIF Wheels From California[EXPAND]


KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace & Southwest Ford Charlie Gilchrist Declare that Tesla’s Texas Sales Process Is Illegal
2022 June 14

During the June 4, 2022 edition of KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace show, Ed Wallace and that week's co-host sponsor Southwest Ford Dealer Principal Charlie Gilchrist repeatedly stated a self-serving accusation that the sales Tesla transacts in Texas are illegal.

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace – June 4, 2022
Claim: Tesla’s Texas Sales Activity Illegal




Ed Wallace

♫ Audio

“Technically, it is illegal for manufacturers to sell cars direct in Texas. OK...  But Tesla does that."

Charlie Gilchrist

♫ Audio

“What Tesla is doing in the state of Texas is not legal!”
“But what the reality is, is what he is doing is illegal."


In 2009, Charlie Gilchrist was named a director of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA).  Southwest Ford Dealer Operator Stephen Gilchrist is a current TADA director and the son of Charlie.  In 2014, Tesla advocated for changing Texas laws to once again allow car manufacturers to own dealerships.  To stop that effort, TADA successfully lobbied the Texas legislature to not make any such changes.  And as part of that public relations push, TADA released the following document to reassure the public that Tesla was not being banned from the state.

TADA: Nothing in state law prevents Tesla from continuing its current gallery model [Expand]

Texas Automobile Dealers Association: Myth vs. Fact - Tesla and the Texas Franchise Law:

”Nothing in state law is currently preventing Texans from ordering a Tesla online and having it delivered from California to Texas.”

”Nothing in state law prevents Tesla from continuing its current gallery model.”


TADA explicitly states that Tesla’s current sales process is legal.  Wallace knows this.  Gilchrist knows this.  Tesla follows the Texas laws for purchases made from an out-of-state dealership, as recently discussed in this article linked to by Inside Automotive on June 8, 2022.

As per WBAP Car Pro Jerry Reynolds: In 1999, TADA lobbied for and got enacted the franchise laws that block car manufacturers from owning dealerships.  The laws were passed to protect existing dealership owners at a time Ford was purchasing dealerships in Fort Worth.

Wallace used to assert that these franchise laws were enacted to protect consumers, but that pretense has become so transparent that neither Wallace nor Gilchrist pushed that argument much during the show.  And with the current supply shortages shifting new car purchases into an order-and-wait process, many customers have now experienced a transaction that resembles a direct sale from a manufacturer.  And the customers are fine with it.  So make no mistake; the recent statements by Ford CEO Jim Farley regarding the future movement of car manufacturers towards direct sales have middlemen like Gilchrist spooked. 

Ed Wallace claims that ♫ dealers do not care if Tesla sells cars in Texas as they do not sue to stop it.  Yet, car dealer Charlie Gilchrist is on his show ♫ moaning how Tesla will not franchise its sales and service operations.  And Gilchrist whines that ♫ Tesla “is not suppose to have any” service centers in Texas.  In 2019, TADA unsuccessfully lobbied for a law to close those manufacturer owned service centers.  So, Ed Wallace’s claim that dealers are nonchalant about Tesla is yet another one of his lies.  These new car dealers dare not sue, because such a lawsuit has no basis in law and would push public opinion further against them.  Instead, the dealers lobby the Texas state legislature to pass protectionist laws via TADA, which is less visible to the public and provides them a degree of separation.

And who funds TADA?  New car dealers in Texas fund TADA, along with the personal contributions of those such as KLIF Wheels sponsor Charlie Gilchrist, who donated $1,500 to TADA on 07/15/2020.

To dramatize the antics of these rent-seeking dunsels, Outside Automotive presents a sneak preview of a scene from the upcoming release of Dealership Space, a remake of the cult film favorite Office Space:

Dealership Space: Remake to cult film favorite Office Space [VIEW Entire Scene]

Ed Wallace's inside Automotive Minimizes Would-Be Justice Kavanaugh Assassin News
2022 June 10
2022 June 11 (Updated)

The news of an arson attack on June 7, 2022 pro-life pregnancy center did not receive a link within any Inside Automotive edition. 

In the June 9, 2022 edition of Inside Automotive, Ed Wallace links to a news article reporting that a gun-wielding assassin arrived at the home of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.  The would-be assassin was upset with the leaked SCOTUS opinion that curtails abortion rights.  The article’s link placement was located far down the web page, in the 25th slot. 

Sometimes, Ed Wallace says he disavows all political violence.  Yet, Wallace’s story curation actions are to exaggerate occurrences where those on the right are the aggressors and to minimize occurrences where those on the left are the aggressors. 

Need another example?  Twice within the past seven days, Wallace’s Inside Automotive links to a story regarding would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. 


Inside Automotive Link Label

Article's Actual Title

June 3, 2022

John Hinckley Regains Full Freedom

John Hinckley Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan, set to be unconditionally released on June 15

June 8, 2022

John Hinckley Sells Out NYC Concerts

Attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley sells out NYC concert venue: report


One cannot miss that both of Wallace's link labels omit that Hinckley shot, and nearly assassinated, Republican President Ronald Reagan.  The actual title of both articles includes that essential detail.  The glaring omission from Wallace's link labels speaks for itself.

During the August 17, 2021 Wheels show, Wallace lauded a bumper sticker that yearned for assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at a time Republican Richard Nixon was President.  Wallace recently ♫ repeated this appreciation for that bumper sticker during his May 28, 2022 Wheels show.  Judging from the giggling reactions of Kelly Wolfenberger (General Manager Sewell Audi of McKinney) and Gina Collins (General Manager Sewell Infiniti of Dallas), the Sewell Automotive Company might regard the assassination of a U.S. president as an appropriate topic for mirth.

The following image comes is from a 2013 KEPR news story out of Oregon.  Let's hear joy-boy Ed Wallace laugh when Obama is the target.

Funniest sign for KLIF Ed Wallace? Same message as Lee Harvey Oswald bumper sticker.

It was not funny in 1973. It was not funny in 2013. And it’s still not funny in 2022.


Wallace’s responses since the above post was published on June 10, 2022 (approx. 1:00AM CST):

Debuting far down in the 60th slot, the June 10, 2022 Inside Automation edition linked to an editorial posted on the far-left Mother Jones web site that spoke to the assassination threat to Justice Kavanaugh.  While condemning that political violence, the editorial only provided additional examples of events that the left typically spins to condemn those on the right.  This is the same misdirection that Wallace frequently engages, and is likely the reason he chose that editorial.

Also debuting in the June 10, 2022 Inside Automation edition was a link to another story associated with the security of Supreme Court justices.  Found down in the 42nd slot, the link is to a tale that Speaker Pelosi is working on a Supreme Court justice security bill.  Wallace never linked to news that on May 9, 2022, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill that bolsters security for Supreme Court justices.  Wallace never linked to news that Democrat Speaker of the House Pelosi blocked voting on that Senate bill for over a month.  Simply put, Ed Wallace does all he can to never link to news that exposes the poor conduct of his fellow travelers on the left.  His actions reveal that any expressed concerns regarding the lefts politically motivated violence is a pretense.

There was no mention of the would-be Supreme Court justice assassin or the House blocking the Senate’s SCOTUS protection bill during the June 11, 2022 edition of KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace.

Be it a would-be assassin of a conservative Justice or the BLM riots, Ed Wallace’s actions reliably push the narrative that leftist violence should either be ignored or be considered “mostly peaceful”.

Alleged Antitrust Violation Admissions by WBAP Car Pro Host and by WBAP Car Pro / KLIF Wheels Sponsor
2022 June 4

During the May 28, 2022 edition of WBAP's Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds reveals that when he ran a Garland, Texas Ford dealership, he entered into an agreement with a nearby Mesquite Ford dealership to not to hire (poach) each others employees.  This might be an admission of a possible violation of federal antitrust laws.


”But the company and its employees should take care not to communicate the company’s policies to other companies competing to hire the same types of employees, nor ask another company to go along.”

”Agreements among employers not to recruit certain employees or not to compete on terms of compensation are illegal.”

”And if that investigation uncovers a naked wage-fixing or no-poaching agreement, the DOJ may, in the exercise of its prosecutorial discretion, bring criminal, felony charges against the culpable participants in the agreement, including both individuals and companies."


When WBAP Car Pro Show sponsor Dane Minor was on the air with Reynolds, Reynolds shared ♫ an anti-poach hiring agreement anecdote.  Current General Manager of Freeman Toyota Dane Minor quickly endorsed Reynolds’ actions by saying “that’s the right way to do it” and that he has friends in the industry that continue with that practice.  Then, ♫ Dane Minor shared his own anecdote of when he unsuccessfully attempted to execute an anti-poach agreement with a competitor.  Minor added that while this event happened a long time ago and he no longer engages in such activities, he did get his “pound of flesh”.

The above anecdotes should be especially troubling for those in the DFW area, which is a tech hub.  One might recall that the Department of Justice reached a settlement with six high technology companies (Google Inc., Apple, …) that prevents them from enacting anti-poach agreements.  The wages of many technology workers could be suppressed if major DFW employers took actions similar to that which Reynolds and Minor describe.

It is uncertain if the referenced antitrust laws of today were applicable during the times when the events of the above anecdotes took place.  And even if applicable, any legal jeopardy from alleged antitrust violations would have likely expired long ago due to the statute of limitations.  But, there may be a moral issue with these car dealers having pursued anti-poach hiring agreements instead of offering compensation that was sufficient enough to retain staff.  

In addition to the WBAP Car Pro Show, Dane Minor sponsors KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace, as well as co-hosts Wheels for its full five hours (three times this year to date).  Although present with an open microphone, Minor did not articulate any counterpoints when Wallace promotes narratives on parental school curriculum input, border security, and immigration that conflict with the issue positions advocated by the Gateway Church, as per the church’s Vote Under God web site.  Yet, ♫ Minor did speak up in support of Wallace’s condemnation of radio host Dave Ramsey charging market rates for his rental properties, accusing Ramsey of being a hypocrite for evicting tenants while claiming to be a Christian.  And then, at Wallace’s prompting to reinforce his Christian bona fides, Minor attested that he goes to church regularly.

Is there a moral issue with Gateway Church Elder Dane Minor spending his time and advertising dollars on a show that pushes an agenda that is largely in opposition to that of his church?  While the statute of limitations alleviates any imagined legal concerns, perhaps church Elder Dane Minor should be reminded that there is no time expiration for violations of the following statue of limitations:

Statue of Limitations. Remind Dane Minor when on KLIF Wheels

Pro-Life Church Elder Sponsors Abortion Rights Advocating KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace
2022 May 28

Point/Counterpoint: KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace vs. Freeman Toyota Dane Minor

Ed Wallace's KLIF Wheels Ties Arrest of 'Clock Boy' to Salem Witch Trials
2022 May 25

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace Pushes Clock Boy False Narrative

Ed Wallace's Wheels Ignores Sussmann Trial, Just Like the Mainstream Media
2022 May 23

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace: No Sussmann Trial Coverage

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Launders Leftist Source of Pro-Choice Editorial
2022 May 17
2022 May 24 (Updated)

Squeals with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Source Laundering

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Site’s Abortion Rights Links Tilt at 84% to Pro-Choice, 0% to Pro-Life
2022 May 14

Pie Chart: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Pushes Pro-Choice

Ed Wallace's KLIF Wheels Show Opening Tilts the Partisan Snark at 91% Against Republicans
2022 May 3
2022 May 8 (Updated)

Squeals with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Jenna Ryan Calls Out Creepy Weirdo KLIF Wheels

Ed Wallace Ends his KDFW (Fox 4) Good Day Show Car Reviews
2022 April 19

Bunny Interrupts Ed Wallace KDFW (Fox 4) Car Review

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Uses Link Label to Assign Leftist Violence to the Right
2022 April 17

Inside Automotive False Swedish Unrest Link Label 

General Manager of Wheels’ Toyota Sponsor Declares Car Dealerships Might Sue Car Manufacturers
2022 April 15
2022 April 16 (Updated)

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Toyota GM Dane Minor Says Dealer Lawsuit of Manufacturers Might be Next

Ed Wallace's Denial of KLIF Wheels' Fabricated Caller Consists of Lies
2022 March 1

Squeals With Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): KLIF Wheels Fabricates Caller 

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Bias Exposed by Slanted Coverage During Rittenhouse Trial
2021 November 14

Rittenhouse Prosecutors Hang Head in Shame 

Wheels with Ed Wallace Sponsor Exclaims Disbelief That California Laws Protects Consumers, Not Car Dealers
2021 November 1

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): No Tesla for you.

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Buries Lead of the Alec Baldwin Homicide Story
2021 October 25
2021 October 31 (Updated)
2021 November 13 (Updated)

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Buries Alec Baldwin Lead

Wheels with Ed Wallace Inflames Instead of Informs with Merck Pill Coverage
2021 October 19

Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive KLIF Wheels Smirk Pill

Wheels with Ed Wallace Repeatedly Fabricates Caller to Disguise a Lack of Audience
2021 October 13
2021 October 17 (Updated)

Squeals With Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): KLIF Wheels Fabricates Caller

Wheels with Ed Wallace Spins Prohibiting In-State Texas Tesla Sales as Consumer Protection
2021 October 11

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): No Tesla for you.

Ed Wallace Ignores Developments That Undermine His False Narratives (Rittenhouse, Wright)
2021 October 8

Ed Wallace - Wheels / Inside Automotive - Ignores Found Wright video

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Pushes False 'Rein of Terror at the Border' Narrative
2021 September 22
2021 September 23 (update)

Squeals with Ed Wallace. Inside Automotive: Border Patrol Uses Whip

Wheels with Ed Wallace Applies No-Pay, No-Play Policy to Mercedes
2021 September 19

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): No Mercedes for you. 

Ed Wallace Again Slanders Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Darrell Ankarlo
2021 September 16

Ankarlo TBI Foundation

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Twice Links to False 'Deluged Hospitals' Story
2021 September 10

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive News Sources

Why Ed Wallace of KLIF Wheels Outed a Transgender Woman
2021 September 3

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Inside Automotive / KLIF Wheels From California

Wheels with Ed Wallace’s Deceptive Presentation of the Rittenhouse Case
2021 August 30

Rittenhouse image 

Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction (Two Month Streak)
2021 August 29

 radio source

Ed Wallace Facilitates Identity Theft of Transgender Woman
2021 August 22

Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): KLIF Wheels Airs Identity Theft Inputs

Ed Wallace Lauds Bumper Sticker that Yearns for the Assassination of the U.S. President
2021 August 17

 KLIF Ed Wallace: Funniest bumper sticker ever seen in my life.

Ed Wallace Exposes and Disparages Private Citizen For Being A Transgender Woman
2021 August 15

Rancher Ashley Watt AP image

Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction (Six Week Streak)
2021 August 8

  radio source

Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction
2021 August 5

Ed Wallace Wheels ignore Texas Democrat fugitives

Ed Wallace Slanders Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Darrell Ankarlo
2021 August 1

School House Rock Preamble

Critical Race Theory Is Taught in Public Schools.  Ed Wallace Falsely Claims Otherwise.
2021 July 26

Public school CRT invoice

Ed Wallace's Post-Purchase Assistance Is Strictly Pay-To-Play
2021 July 18

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): No Mercedes for you.

Ed Wallace Says Audience Does Not Understand That He is ‘On Their Side’ When Exporting Their Jobs
2021 July 18

 radio source

Ed Wallace Concedes That Mother Jones Is Not Credible
2021 July 11

  radio source

Ed Wallace Falsely Accuses Project Veritas of Creating False Narratives
2021 July 5

Judge Wentz ruling

Ed Wallace of Wheels States That Illegal Aliens Overthrow Governments
2021 July 5

 radio source

Ed Wallace of Wheels Ignores and Understates Facts That Refute His Peloton Narrative
2021 June 28

radio source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Again Uses Link Label To Render Opinion Instead of Report
2021 June 24

Website Source

Ed Wallace of Wheels States That He Is ‘Not There to Help’ Listener
2021 June 19

radio source

WBAP Car Pro Show Jerry Reynolds Lobbied For Law That Prevents Tesla Dealerships in Texas
2021 June 11

radio source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links Again to Socialist Mother Jones
2021 June 3

Website Source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Again Uses Link Label To Hurl Insult
2021 May 27

Website Source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Uses Link Label to Call Mike Lindell a ‘Nut’
2021 May 26

Website Source

Ed Wallace of Wheels Begrudges Providing Advice To Listeners Who Did Not Patronize His Sponsors
2021 May 23

radio source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links Twice to Socialist Mother Jones
2021 May 22

Website Source

Ed Wallace of Wheels Whitewashes BLM Violence
2021 May 17

CNN image does not match caption

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Demonstrates More Elon Musk Sour Grapes
2021 May 9

Website Source

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links to Mother Jones, Which Is NOT an Unbiased Source
2021 May 7

Website Source

Wheels with Ed Wallace’s Sleight of Hand News Segment - Daunte Wright
2021 April 17

radio source

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