Inside Automotive’s Lie of Omission: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Admits Self into Mental Clinic
2023 August 17

(August 7, 2023) County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the chief executive of Harris County, announced that she had checked herself into a facility located outside of Texas for the treatment of clinical depression. Harris County is the third largest county in the United States and encompasses Texas’ largest city (Houston). Its population exceeds many states. Despite that, the person responsible its emergency response (i.e. hurricanes) abandoned her job.

According to her letter, Hidalgo checked into the clinic “in late July”.  According to Covering Katy News, Harris County Commissioner Tom Ramsey was first notified of Hidalgo's leave of absence on Monday afternoon (August 6). So, at least a week, but more likely several, had passed before all members of the commission were made aware of the absence and could rearrange duties to continue county operations.

None of the news reports on Hidalgo‘s absence offer any independent confirmation of if, where, or when Hidalgo admitted herself. Lina took a leave of absence at the start of this year, stating that she was going to Colombia to aid an ailing grandfather. But when a tornado struck Harris County during that absence, Hidalgo rushed back not from Colombia, but from a vacation in Thailand (source: KHOU).

Instead of investigating Hidalgo’s newest absence, all MSM coverage pushed a carefully curated narrative that twists the story into something about mental health awareness. Doubly so for Wallace’s favored Texas leftist tabloid: The Texas Tribune.

Inside Automotive LOO: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo (D) abandons post.

All last week, Wallace linked to no articles on this topic. And this is Texas’ most populous city. There have been many other stories in the recent past that expose Democrat malfeasance in Houston. Wallace refuses to cover these, both on his Inside Automotive website and on his Wheel’s Second Hand News segments.

Conversely this week (ran two days: August 14 and 15), Wallace placed a top-of-page headline link to an article critical of changes to Houston public schools by the Texas state government, which is controlled by Republicans (but not necessarily by conservatives).

To conclude, it’s not Houston that “we” have a problem covering. It’s anything negative about his fellow leftists that Wallace has a problem covering. In other words, Inside Automotive is not a news aggregation website. It is leftist propaganda in the form of curated links

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