Inside Automotive’s Lie of Omission: Hunter Biden Testifies to $664K Payment from China
2023 August 1

Ed Wallace declares that his news aggregation website Inside Automotive provides a non-partisan presentation. In practice, Wallace regularly omits events that run counter to the narratives that he seeks to promote.

For the week of July 23rd, Wallace’s top lie of omission was the absence of any link to a revealing fact that arose from the July 26th court hearing on the plea deal for President Biden’s son Hunter.

Inside Automotive’s Lie of Omission: Hunter Biden testifies to $664K payment from China. [EXPAND]

Wallace’s editorial choice was to include only two links to articles covering Biden’s court hearing adjudicating a plea agreement:

Biden Judge Rejects His Plea Agreement - Reuters

Hunter Biden Changes Plea to Not Guilty – NBC News

Par for the mockingbird mainstream media, both linked articles give a sympathetic treatment to Biden. The Reuters’ article goes so far to take a cheap shot at President Trump on a matter (New York state indictment) that has no relevance to anything else covered by that article. But such bias serves Wallace’s purposes well, so that was the “report” link that he chose to publish.

It should also be noted that neither link was adorned to denote elevated importance on the Inside Automotive web site. Conversely, when Trump’s daughter Ivanka appeared at a J6 Committee, Wallace spotlighted its article link with a photo.

In addition to his understated coverage, Wallace’s choices omit the most important fact learned from the court proceedings (court transcript).

Court plea deal transscript: Hunters Biden received $664K from Chinese firm. [EXPAND]

Hunter Biden testified under oath that he received $664,000 in payments from a Chinese firm. So, this in-court testimony is a direct contradiction of what President Biden told the country during the 2020 presidential debates.

Joe Biden at 2020 Presidential Debate:

“Because it never, ever, ever happened. My son has not made money in terms of this about… um… what are you talking about… China.”


Multiple times since, President Biden has forcibly asserted that his family never received money from China. Despite this evidence of foreign influence possibly being the trigger for an impeachment inquiry, Wallace found the revelation of Chinese payments to Hunter too insignificant to cover.

To conclude, Inside Automotive is not a news aggregation web site. It is propaganda in the form of curated links.

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