Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Website Changes Hosting Provider
2023 April 13

This past Tuesday (April 11, 2023), those who attempted to visit Ed Wallace’s deceptively curated news aggregation website were surprised to find it missing. Instead, they landed on the following page:

Inside Automotive changes hosting provider from Hostgator to Hostinger [EXPAND]

And, yes, the above joke was borrowed from The Muppet Movie. As such, the following is submitted for your approval:

It took a few hours to transfer the Inside Automotive website to its new hosting provider Hostinger. Hence, the above landing page appears. And with that, so ends Wallace feud with his prior vendor Hostgator, whom he publicly bashed during at least two of his prior radio shows. The following is from one of the March 11th instances:

Ed Wallace, John Ingram, David El Attrache

KLIF 570 AM March 11, 2023

Ed Wallace
Somebody's website did not…
was up at two o’clock yesterday morning.
But four o’clock it was gone.
It was a server error.

John Ingram
“I know that one.”

Ed Wallace
“Yeah, I know because you wrote me as did everybody else trying to read the news morning
at 5 AM in the morning.”

David El Atrrache
“And yes, it was inside Automotive.”

John Ingram
“It was Inside automotive where it was.”

David El Atrrache
“dot com”

Ed Wallace
And so Hostgater where I have it, it was supposed to be 24 7 technical service. So, when I'm getting a 500 server error, I know what the problem is. You call them up and our normal operating hours are eight central, standard time.


And so you call back and you get a guy. And a very nice guy but barely speaks English. And I said you can look at it, it's a 500 server error.

Well stay on the phone with me.

You don't need me to stay on the phone with me. Where my website is has a 500 server error. You can have your tech guys fix it in the background.

And it still took them, like, six hours to do it.



One must note that despite his repeated claims of being ‘woke’, Wallace’s first impulse when criticizing those whom displease him is to mock that person for being part of a minority community. In this case, Wallace mocks the language proficiency of a Hostgator employee who is likely a recent immigrant. In another case, Wallace mocks someone for being a transgender woman. When Wallace is displeased, his facade of tolerance quickly dissolves.

By the early afternoon of the next day (April 12, 2023), it appeared that Inside Automotive was fully settled on its new host. But around 6PM CST, the following appears when visiting the Wheels’ website:

Inside Automotive exhibits server error 500 on Hostinger

So, the hosting provider changes, yet the error remains the same. This indicates that the problem(s) might not be with the hosting provider, but with Wallace’s configuration and/or data files. Perhaps an apology to Hostgator will be issued on-air for the repeated on-air bashing that the firm received. On the other hand, Hostinger must tread carefully. Multiple past sponsors and vendors have suffered on-air vengeance when the relationship sours. As such, one may question if initiating or maintaining that business with Ed Wallace is worth the risk.

On a final note on this hosting provider transfer, whereas Ed Wallace’s link aggregation website insideautomotive.com was offline for most of Tuesday (April 11, 2023), server logs indicate that many found a new road to Outside Automotive. So, welcome to all the new visitors. Unlike Inside Automotive, Outside Automotive is online, all the time.