2021 August 15:  Ed Wallace Exposes and Disparages Private Citizen For Being A Transgender Woman

During the August 7, 2021 Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show, Ed Wallace discussed an AP news story regarding the environmental impact of abandoned petroleum wells.  The article focused on the leaking wells of a large west Texas ranch owned by Ashley Watt.  Wallace brought attention to this article ♫ to mock Watt’s rejection of the environmentalist label and to manufacture a narrative that Watt was seeking public assistance for cleaning wells from which her family privately profited.  As yet another example of creating a narrative that does not exist in real life, Wallace ignored that the article states that Watt and her ancestors never had the ranch's mineral rights and never profited from the wells.

Ed Wallace KLIF Wheels Outs Texas Rancher (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

During the August 14, 2021 Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show, ♫ Wallace corrected himself and noted that the article states Watt lacked mineral rights and her family did not profit from the wells.  Yet, Wallace still expressed doubts regarding this absence of profits without offering any evidence.  Then, near the end of this show, Wallace broadcasts the following, which he labels a ‘nuclear bomb shell':

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OK, I usually don’t drop atom bombs at the end of the show, but I’ve got to do this.  As you know, I did the story last week about Ashley Watt whose ranch out in west Texas, seventy five thousand acres, although I have seen other stories say the Antina ranch is only twenty two thousand acres.  And I had a gentleman call in who said well I think Ashley's dad was a big oil and gas attorney down in Houston.  So, I went back in the other direction and sure enough, the ranch and everything has a business address in Houston, Texas.  But that is not the nuclear bomb shell. 

As I have been saying, she must be a really intelligent person.  Graduated from the naval academy. Worked intelligence in the marines. MBA from Harvard.  And Ashley used to be named Andrew.

I am going to let that settle in for just a second there.  That’s it.  Andrew Watt Williams.  Thirty Five.  Houston, Texas.  Used to be known as Andrew. 

Somehow that got left out of the story too.  Not that it changes oil and gas wells coming undone in west Texas.  But it kinda changes the whole tone of everything.  Doesn’t it?  Yeah… I thought so too. 

With that, lets go to Al in north Dallas.  Hey Al.

Hell, that kinda changes the whole Texas narrative .  Don’t it Ed?

<laughs/>  I mean I just sitting here going there's just is no way this.  And you sit there and go how did the reporter miss this?  Because I’m thinking this must be west [Czech] Texas chick.  Really got it together.  Really smart.  Got into the naval academy.  Intel in the marines. MBA from Harvard.  And … used to be known as Andrew.

And I feel sorry for her. And survivors of this individual. 

Ed Wallace broadcasts and belittles the intimate gender history of a private citizen for no legitimate journalistic reason to the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area and the internet via KLIF.

Ashley Watt is not a public figure.  Ashley Watt is a private citizen discussing an environmental issue that affects the general public with a reporter from the Associated Press.  In the article, Ashley Watt never discusses gender or uses gender to generate awareness of the leaking wells.  The reporter never mentions gender.  The leaking wells are not affected by the gender of the property owner.  On air, Wallace states that gender is superfluous by stating “not that it changes oil and gas wells coming undone in west Texas". 

With all these factors known, Ed Wallace giggles while declaring Ashley Watt being a transgender woman changes the “tone” of the story.  Wallace needs to explain how Ashley Watt's gender identity changes the "tone" or anything else about a story covering the environmental impact of abandoned petroleum wells on a family ranch.   To conclude, Ed Wallace exposed and disparaged a member of the transgender community for no reason.  Perhaps KLIF, KDFW, and his auto dealership sponsors will reevaluate their association with this bigot.


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