2021 September 3:  Why Ed Wallace of KLIF Wheels Outed a Transgender Woman

During the August 7, 2021, August 14, 2021 and August 21, 2021 Wheels with Ed Wallace radio shows, Ed Wallace discussed an AP news story regarding the environmental impact of abandoned petroleum wells.  Wallace took issue with statements made by Ashley Watt, the story's primary source.  After researching Ashley, Ed Wallace exposes the intimate gender history of Watt to the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area and the internet via KLIF with enough details to facilitate identity theft.  Wallace does this despite acknowledging that gender does not change the facts of the story.

Now that Wallace is no longer pursuing the story, one must ask:  Why did Wallace invade Ashley Watt’s privacy?  Wallace’s actions are as follows:

August 7, 2021
Wallace brings attention to this article in order to ♫ to mock Watt’s rejection of the environmentalist label and to manufacture a narrative that Watt was seeking public assistance for cleaning wells from which her family privately profited.

August 14, 2021
♫ The audience corrects Wallace and points out that the article states Watt lacked mineral rights and her family did not profit from the wells.  Yet, Wallace continues to express doubts regarding this absence of profits without offering any evidence.  Later in the show, after scouring the web for anything that supports his narrative, ♫ Wallace announces with extensive mirth that Watt is a transgender women, labeling this information a ‘nuclear bomb shell'.

August 21, 2021
Shamed by Outside Automotive reporting of his prior week’s antics, Wallace drops the jovial grandstanding on Watt’s gender.  Summoning his earnest voice, ♫ Wallace concedes that his narrative was false and that Watt's ancestors never profited from the Antina ranch petroleum wells.

So, why did Wallace disclose Watt’s gender history in a report about abandoned petroleum wells?  Wallace's intent was to manufacture a narrative that brands Watt as a conservative hypocrite.  Wallace airs this narrative without any validation.  When it becomes known that this narrative is explicitly contradicted by the source article itself, Wallace needs damage control.  Wallace resorts to outing a transgender woman.  Wallace’s actions reveal that he regards the transgender community as something to be belittled and mocked. Under stress to salvage his sinking story, the mask slips and Ed Wallace ridicules Watt’s transgender status, all as a distraction from his false narrative. 

Unveiled as a bigot by a prior post on Outside Automotive, Wallace pleads on August 21st that “♫ nothing stuns me or shocks me", yet he previously revealed the gender transition as a “nuclear bomb shell" with much verbal clowning.  ♫ Wallace fails to articulate a reason for the disclosure, other than it “shaded” the story and made it "interesting". After all, Wallace says he is from California, implying no one from his former residence is a bigot (Yes. Wallace actually gave that defense. Twice.).  So fear not, the audience can rest assured that some of Ed Wallace’s best friends are transgender women.

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