Inside Automotive’s Lie of Omission: No Hate Crime Charges for Alabama Riverboat Brawlers
2023 September 13

(September 3, 2023) After roughly a month since the Alabama riverfront brawl, five individuals pleaded not guilty to assault and disorderly conduct charges.

The brawl occurred on Saturday, August 5th. It was not until Friday, August 11th that Ed Wallace linked to anything that covered this story. By that time, the above misdemeanor charges had been announced, stating others could follow as the investigation continues into allegations of racist motivations.

As per Ed’s standard modus operandi, when the straight news stories do not covey the narrative that Wallace wants to promote, he links to an opinion editorial (op-ed). In this case, the chosen op-ed was by Amelia Robinson of The Columbus Dispatch titled More than a melee. What the Montgomery Riverfront brawl reminds us about nation. Wallace wrongfully attributes the op-ed to Yahoo News. And he labels the link “So You Think Racism is Dead in America”, which has little relation to the op-ed’s real title or contents.

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Asserts Riverboat Brawl Exposes Racism in America [EXPAND]

Roughly a month later (last week), those charged for their involvement with the riverboat brawl entered not guilty pleas. And while the op-ed to which Ed Wallace linked made the melee all about racial grievances of the past, the brawl investigators who had access to video and numerous witnesses reached the conclusion that there was no hate (race) crime:

WFSA 12 NEWS - September 3, 2023
5 Montgomery riverfront brawl suspects enter not guilty pleas

Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert previously said MPD did not believe race was a factor in the fight and that they consulted with state and federal partners who felt there was not enough information to consider the incident a hate crime.


As expected, Wallace does not link to this news update. And, as such, there was no new link label to alert readers that Wallace’s prior link label was fiction.

When someone who is white tangles with someone who is black, Wallace often attempts to stoke racial outrage even if it is obvious that race had no bearing on the event. Wallace just cannot let a useful race bating go to waste, despite it being premised upon a false narrative.

Inside Automotive LOO: No Hate Crime Charges for Alabama Riverboat Brawlers.

If this in case, a group of entitled jerks did not feel obliged to clear a landing that was reserved for a municipal boat. And things got heated. Regardless of their race, transgressors were arrested immediately and charges filed within a week. It was farce, not tragedy. And this facts-based conclusion widely persists as an internet meme amongst people of all color.


Good Times: Alabama Riverboat Brawl Edition. [EXPAND]

-- Other Top Omissions for the Week of September 3, 2023 --





Wallace’s repeatedly links to opinion editorials that push a false narrative that Brexit is destroying the UK economy. After revised GDP numbers, UK’s post-Brexit economy is doing better than Germany, France and Italy,



Wallace linked to news that a federal judge ordered the removal of the border buoys. Wallace did not subsequently link to the next day news that this order was blocked by the U.S. Court of Appeals.



Posted as a minor story with the incomplete link label of 5th Circuit Rules Against Biden, CDC, FBI, Wallace obfuscates that the U.S. Court of Appeals reinstated the prohibition of the censorship by federal government via coercion of social media companies.

Conversely, when U.S. Court of Appeals initially suspended that prohibition, Wallace published the link as a top-story headline (2023JUL17) with the following link label: “Court Pauses Ban on Biden Flagging Online Misinformation. Amongst the “misinformation” censored at the behest of the feds was the very real Biden laptop story.

This case is just the latest example of Wallace’s biased, two-tiered curation.



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