WBAP CarPro Reynolds Calls BS on Advice from KLIF Wheels, KFXR Automotive Edge
2024 May 6

Automotive Radio Wrestlers of Dallas: Reynolds, Chase, Grantham, Ingram

At the start of his May 4th episode, CarPro Show host Jerry Reynolds doubled down on last weeks’ scolding of The Automotive Edge Show host Kurt Chase.

The CarPro Show
WBAP 820 AM - May 4, 2024 9:11AM

Jerry Reynolds

"I was talking last week… I talked about, because… I…. Look, I listen to other automotive shows, sure, all during the week. And I'm curious on what they're saying. I'm curious how good their information is.

I heard one of the local, other car shows last week that gave out some horrific advice about a timing chain and it's going to cost somebody an entire engine if they listened.

And if I don't know, I'll tell you, I don't know. But the thing that dawned on me, if I'm correct, on Saturday mornings, there's five different automotive shows on in North Texas. I'm the only one that actually drives cars. I'm the only one that reviews cars. I drive 100 a year or more. Amy does another 50 or 60.”

Kevin McCarthy
“The other shows don't review cars?

Jerry Reynolds
“No, not one of them. Not a one of them.”

Kevin McCarthy
“That's crazy.”

Jerry Reynolds
“Nobody's reviewed cars
since Ed Wallace retired.”

Kevin McCarthy
“That's just crazy.”

Jerry Reynolds
“I know. I don't know how they get through two, three, four hours of radio not knowing these cars. How do you do that?”

Kevin McCarthy
“I don't know.”

Jerry Reynolds
Are you BS-ing your way through things?

Kevin McCarthy
“That would seem to be the answer
that I'd go with.”

Jerry Reynolds
“That might be my suspicion, but I'm not gonna accuse anybody. I'll never talk bad about my competition unless they give out horrible advice and then I'm gonna call them on it. That's that.”

[Some extraneous interjections omitted for readability.]


Reynolds begins by again raising Chase’s erroneous timing belt maintenance advice. Although, Reynolds misstated that this advice was about a timing “chain”, which has a very different maintenance regimen than that for a timing “belt”.

Then, Reynolds’ vitriol spewed towards all other current local automotive radio show hosts. The CarPro rhetorically questions how these car talkers can offer advice on vehicles when they do not review any. Reynolds then equates their recommendations to “BS”. That is quite the indictment of not only iHeartRadio host Kurt Chase, but also an indictment of fellow Cumulus hosts Don Grantham and John Ingram of Wheels. There should be some tense encounters in the hallways of the Cumulus studios in Dallas, as both shows share the same building and have overlapping broadcast hours.

Reynolds wraps up by declaring that he calls out the competition when they give horrible advice. Considering that Reynolds remains silent on the bad car advice that Ed Wallace gave on ‘diminished value’, that ‘calling out’ of transgressions is quite selective. Reynolds is also mute on Wallace’s horrible advice on politics that he pushes to this day on Wheels. And the latter is an existential matter, as is much easier to recover an engine than it is to recover lost individual rights once guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

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