Ed Wallace's Exit as KLIF Wheels’ On-Air Host Emboldens Rivals
2023 November 22

Squeals with Ed Wallace: The Automotive Edge Show host Kurt Chase Feels Dissed by Norm Reeves GM Allen Glover.


Kurt was not lovin it, as he did not have it his way. Here’s the beef on that story:

Kurt Chase hosts The Automotive Edge radio show (KFXR/KEGL), which runs opposite of Wheels (KLIF) for the full four hours every Saturday morning. Oddly enough, Norm Reeves Honda Superstore North Richland Hills sponsors both radio programs. Last year (July 2022), Kurt Chase lamented on air that David El Attrache, then General Manager of Norm Reeves Honda NRH, gave priority to his “buddy” Ed Wallace for his radio appearances. Adding insult to injury, El Attrache went on to co-host Wheels (November 2022) in direct competition to Kurt’s show. It must have been an awkward situation, having the top man of one of your sponsor compete against you.

I’m sorry Kurt. David’s just not that into you.

Well, things changed in the latter part of 2023. David El Attrache left Norm Reeves Honda NRH in August of 2023. And then, El Attrache departed the KLIF Wheels show in November of 2023. So, it finally appeared that Chase and his show would no longer play second fiddle for his Honda sponsor. Well, with Allen Glover taking over as General Sales Manager of Norm Reeves Honda NRH, that appearance was short lived.

The Automotive Edge
KEGL 97.1 FM - November 11, 2023 11:08AM

Bo Carver (To Allen Glover)

"You're gonna join us at all today?
Alright. Go ahead and be that way.”

Kurt Chase
“Uh… Yeah. Well here, you know, he was already big time on another radio show.
So now, this is like
… uh… you know…
going from… uh…”

Bo Carver
"Minor leagues?”

Kurt Chase
“… chateaubriand to McDonald's.
So you know it.”

Bo Carver
"Yeah, we get it.”


On November 11th, 2023, Allen Glover started his day by participating in the first hour of KLIF Wheels at the Cumulus studios. That same morning, The Automotive Edge was airing a remote live from his Norm Reeves Honda NRH dealership for its full four hours. Then, when Glover finally arrives at his dealership at around 11 o’clock, Glover sidelines Chase for another half hour. As per the above transcript, Chase effectively exclaims: “What am I, chopped liver McDonalds?”

I’m sorry Kurt. Allen’s just not that into you.

This double booking is quite odd. If separate Saturdays were scheduled, Glover could have been on-air promoting Norm Reeves Honda for an hour on Wheels and then on-air promoting Norm Reeves Honda for four hours on The Automotive Edge.

Instead, Glover drives to the other side of the Metroplex to give an hour appearance for Wheels. And then finally finds his way onto the microphone of The Automotive Edge located at his own dealership for the show’s last half hour. During that half hour, one heard the standard car sales back and forth between Glover and the radio hosts. However, Glover did not offer The Automotive Edge audience the same Deal of the Week that he offered the Wheels’ audience, which was $2000 off any new 2024 Honda Accord EX.

I’m so sorry Kurt. Allen’s just not that into you.

Putting the car sales pitches aside, some unexpected tidbits were heard by those listening via Facebook.

The Automotive Edge
KEGL 97.1 FM - November 11, 2023 11:42AM

Kurt Chase

"I know you've been throwing up. Bringing that adrenaline and everything…"

Allen Glover
"I got up early this morning. I’m full of energy."

Kurt Chase
"Who is doing that? John and who?

Allen Glover
"Don. So Don has been, uh, Ed’s sidekick for many, many years because I was telling them it's the Don and John Show.”

Kurt Chase
"Is it? So that’s what they call it now?

Allen Glover
“No. That's why I just thought would be a good title.”

Kurt Chase
"Oh, what do they call it?”

Allen Glover
“Uh… Still, uh, you know,
Wheels. Um… Minus Ed Wallace, I guess.

Bo Carver
That's what it's called?
Minus Ed?

Allen Glover
“Ed is still involved, obviously, in the show. He's still producing and everything.

Kurt Chase
“The fifth wheel?”

Allen Glover
“Yeah. But, um, yeah, he keeps… uh… He updates them throughout the show. Gives them some text message with some re… encouragement. So, no, it's pretty funny.

And, uh, last weekend was their first weekend to do it by themselves. And I actually, I think
David [El Attrache] was on last weekend.

And, um, so, you know, they… they got a few bugs to work through but it was fun and, uh… “

Bo Carver
“”Where they do that at?”

Allen Glover
It's downtown. It's, uh, same building he used to be in. It's on the, uh, lower floor.

You're [Kurt Chase] on the fifth floor, right?”

Kurt Chase

Allen Glover
“Third. Ok. They're on the fourth floor.”

[Some extraneous interjections omitted for readability.]


In general, radio show hosts do all they can to avoid mentioning competitors, as if the mere mention of rivals would drive their audience to them. Well, Chase took a dramatically different tact by asking Glover for details on this latest chapter of Wheels, such as who are the hosts and what is the show called now. One could take this as an indication that Chase believes that KLIF Wheels sans Wallace is not a viable show.

Curiously enough, over on WBAP on that same November 11th, the CarPro radio show was also taking shots at Wheels. Near the end of its first hour, CarPro sidekick Kevin McCarthy reads a letter on-air from a listener. The letter’s contents were as much to bury Ed Wallace as they were to praise CarPro host Jerry Reynolds. Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your ears to hear the following:

The CarPro Show
WBAP 820 AM - November 11, 2023 9:55AM

Kevin McCarthy (reading letter)

"Jerry. I know you hear this a lot, but you're invaluable to car buyers in Dallas Fort Worth and around the country. Your expertise on cars is second to none. But the way you treat your listeners is amazing. Especially your senior citizen callers that really need you more than most. And it's clear too that you go the extra mile for female customers.

Your unwavering support of our first responders and our military is seriously needed these days and you never miss a beat to remember them. Please keep up the good work.

I know your main competitor in DFW has retired. So I suspect you'll pick up some new listeners. I predict every one of them will stick with you and wish they'd found you sooner.

Thanks for all you do and your help with me buying my last five vehicles."

[Some extraneous interjections omitted for readability.]


Although slightly veiled, there is no question of to whom the letter writer was shading. There was praise for how Reynolds treats listeners. There was praise for Reynolds’ support of the U.S. military. Could either of those two accolades ever be awarded to Ed Wallace? Then things got more pointed, stating that listeners of Wheels sans Wallace will soon migrate to the CarPro and realize that they should have made that change long ago.

Again, radio hosts are averse to mentioning rivals. They appear to fear losing audience if listeners are aware of alternatives. That Reynolds chose to air this letter indicates that Reynolds believes that KLIF Wheels sans Wallace is not a viable show.

To conclude, the Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram radio show never existed. In everything but title, the show was Wheels with Ed Wallace. It is too early for Outside Automotive to conclude whether Wheels with Don Grantham and John Ingram exists as its own thing. In the end it might be found that Allen Glover did coin the show’s true name: Wheels Minus Ed Wallace. Meanwhile, the rival shows appear fearless of losing listeners to whichever Wheels becomes.

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