Meet the New KLIF Wheels. Same as the Old Wheels. Wallace Wields the Stage Hook.
2022 November 12
2022 November 18 (Update)

On the morning of November 5th, David El Attrache and John Ingram took the reins as hosts of KLIF’s Wheels. And as the second hour of the four-hour show wound down, prior host and current producer Ed Wallace could be heard in the background interfering with the two. As per Wallace:

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – November 5, 2022 11:43AM

Ed Wallace
”I am only here for support.
And I just got tired of them thrashing in the water.”


Ten minutes into the third hour, Wallace activated his microphone to dispute the new hosts’ assertion that cell phones were the cause for the automotive chip shortage.

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – November 5, 2022 10:09AM

Ingram and El Attrache discuss how cell phones caused the chip shortage for vehicles.
Wallace shuts them down, stating it was home game stations like XBox.


From that time forward, Wallace ran the show, and the audience was effectively listening to a standard edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace. Other than a merciful shortening the show by an hour, everything else remained the same with the new co-hosts. Letterman's Late Show theme introduced the show as always, complete with barbs only targeting Republicans. The bumper music was unchanged. The pre-recorded segments still featured Ed's voice. From this setup, one concludes that El Attrache and Ingram were tasked with taking a prepared script from Wallace and executing it precisely as he would have. They failed to do so in less than two hours, so Wallace seized center stage.

Why did El Attrache and Ingram fail? Well, if one is to precisely impersonate another, someone needs to provide very detailed show preparation material. And, the impersonators need to be very familiar with that material. When it came to the oil report, the new hosts admit to not reading beyond the headlines of the show prep.

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – November 5, 2022 11:47AM

Wallace describes how much effort he put into show preparation and how little effort the new hosts put into embracing it.


This failure to complete their show prep was not confined to the oil report. The new hosts introduced a “Stars and Stripes" article about Elon Musk for discussion. But, they had not read the article beforehand. This plays out as follows:

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – November 5, 2022 10:19AM

Ingram introduces an article that he attributes to the Pentagon outlet Stars and Stripes.

The article asserts that Washington is worried that Elon Musk could be a security risk.


Ed Wallace
”Why are you asking me? I didn’t read the story.
I gave it to you guys […]”

John Ingram
Well, we didn’t think that we were going
to get this far along.


Putting aside the new hosts lack of dedication to this venture, the most disturbing aspect of the new hosts is their unseemly submissiveness to Wallace. Whatever material Wallace puts before them is treated as gospel. And as a result, the new hosts are now guilty of source laundering.

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace launders Washington Post article as Stars and Stripes.

The staff of the Pentagon’s Stars and Stripes paper did not write that Musk article (link), but merely reposted it. The article was written and published by the staff of the leftist Washington Post (link). Beginning with their very first Wheels edition as lead hosts, El Attrache and Ingram are already misleading the audience by laundering a source.

Despite Wheels' prevarication, several times during the show, Wallace proclaims that they are arbiters who must instruct the public as to what is the truth.

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – November 5, 2022 10:54AM

Ed Wallace
”Every story, guys, that you do. The audience is counting on you to tell the story and to say whether it is true or false. Ok?

That is what they count on you for.”


And from what sources does Wallace base his determination of truth? It is leftist publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times. It is the Planned Parenthood funded The Texas Tribune. And, it is the Soros funded outlets such as Mother Jones, ProPublica, and Alternet. Despite these sources, El Attrache and Ingram gleefully push Ed’s “truth" onto the audience without any scrutiny of their own.

Wallace and his disciples follow a very dark path. The audience should not follow them on it. To dramatize that point, Outside Automotive presents a scene from its upcoming feature film release of “Cars Wars: Phantoms of the Ed Wallace Menace”:

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Phantoms of the Ed Wallace Menace [EXPAND]


Hat tip to Family Guy for the punch line. As to why, the following is submitted for your approval:




The November 12th edition of Wheels was largely a repeat of what occurred on November 5th. Early into the third hour, Wallace again takes over the show with the pretense of being dissatisfied with Ingram’s presentation of an article. Given how the interjection occurs at nearly the same time as the prior week, this appears to be more of a running shtick than an organic development of the show.

As for the new hosts on November 12th, they again credit the previous week’s discussed Washington Post article to the Pentagon’s Stars and Stripes publication. The Wheels hosts seem intent on duping the audience into assigning unearned credibility to that article. In regards to assigning proper credit, the following is from the source to which Wallace, Ingram and El Attrache are deliberately denying credit:


”E. Plagiarism and Credit


Attribution of material from other newspapers and other media must be total. Plagiarism is one of journalism’s unforgivable sins. It is the policy of this newspaper to give credit to other publications that develop exclusive stories worthy of coverage by The Post.”


Ingram and El Attrache are general managers of Norm Reeves dealerships. No one should purchase a vehicle from any Norm Reeves dealership given the ethics being exhibited.