Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Launders Leftist Source of Pro-Choice Editorial
2022 May 17
2022 May 24 (Updated)

The May 16, 2022 edition of Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive web site links to a pro-choice opinion editorial that dismisses Supreme Court Justice Alito’s application of originalism within the recently leaked SCOTUS draft opinion.   Yet another link from Wallace to a pro-choice article is hardly worth a mention, considering that Outside Automotive just detailed the complete shutout of any article that is pro-life.

But this link was unique.  Wallace attributed the article to a United States Department of Defense publication named “Stars & Stripes”.  Since most people are not too familiar with that outlet, many would assign it a nonpartisan orientation.  Or, readers might assume a conservative orientation due to its patriotic name.  Well, things were not as Wallace labeled.  Despite Wallace tagging the editorial as a Stars & Stripes product, the linked article was merely license to and hosted by Stars and Stripes.  The notoriously left-leaning Washington Post created and published that article. 

Rather than tilt his link percentage further to the left by adding yet another link to the Washington Post, Ed Wallace commits source laundering in a subterfuge that allows him to push his pro-choice views under a pretense of including an article from a source not biased to the left.  

Misrepresenting a news source is pretty dirty business.  Will Wallace ever come clean about his skewed presentation of the world? 

Squeals with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Source LaunderingSource Laundering:  Ring Around the Cover.

And for those puzzled by the above graphic because they did not watch television decades ago, the following is submitted for your approval:


The May 24, 2022 edition of Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive web site links to the aforementioned article for a second time.  This time, Ed Wallace inserts the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as cover for the Washington Post source.  As to the reason for the repeat of the article link and the accompanying source laundering, one could speculate that it is a combination of Wallace’s incompetence and reflexive malfeasance. 

This conduct has been seen many times before, as documented by Ed Wallace’s repeated referral to Alec Baldwin as “Alex" Baldwin.


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