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January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022

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KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace Spins the Neglect of his Sponsors that Forces Him to Act as Ombudsman
2022 December 31

Starion: THE iconic Mitsubishi model. 

With Seven Weeks In, KLIF Wheels Remains the Ed Wallace Show
2022 December 24

Squeals with Ed Wallace (cropped): Ingram & El Attrache Panic when Hosting KLIF Wheels on Radio Alone 

KLIF Wheels’ Host John Ingram No Longer General Manager of Norm Reeves Subaru Rockwall
2022 December 20

Ed Wallace of Inside Automotive / KLIF Wheels: No Subaru for You! 

Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Sends Ed Wallace Inquirers to Outside Automotive
2022 November 24 top result of Bing searches for Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive. 

Meet the New KLIF Wheels. Same as the Old Wheels. Wallace Wields the Stage Hook.
2022 November 12
2022 November 18 (Update)

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace, El Attrache, Ingram. Talk on the Dark Side. 

Frank Kent Cadillac Stops Advertising on KLIF Wheels. Inside Automotive Drops Frank Kent Cadillac.
2022 November 8

Inside Automotive purchase page correlate with KLIF Wheels advertisers.

Major Media Did Not Give Much Play to Ed Wallace's Retirement from KLIF
2022 November 5

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Jetson's Autoblab new KLIF Wheels host 

“Nonpartisan” Ed Wallace Contributed to George Soros PAC to Boost 2004 Democrat Prospects
2022 October 29

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace contributes to Soros funded PAC 

Ed Wallace Always in Rush to Champion Protectionist Laws for Franchised New Car Dealerships
2022 October 27

Texas outlaws direct sales by car makers (Tesla).

Ed Wallace Drops Sewell Subaru from Inside Automotive's Purchase Page
2022 October 24

Ed Wallace Drops Sewell Subaru from Inside Automotive's Purchase Page

KLIF Wheels With Ed Wallace Show Rushes Towards its Last Broadcast
2022 October 22

Squeals With with Ed Wallace - KLIF Wheels Hushes Up like its 2112 (Rush)

Inside Automotive Relapses into Source Laundering, Despite Being Bit on the Backside of American History
2022 October 19

Ed Wallace / Inside Automotive links with MSN source laundering, except Lieber

The Dubious Awards of KLIF's Wheels with Ed Wallace
2022 October 15

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Car-Minder Ed McBragg Wallace Defeats a Covey

Sewell Automotive Company Stops Advertising on KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace
2022 October 8
2022 October 9 (Updated)
2023 April 12 (Correction)

Inside Automotive dumps Sewell Collision Center advertisement

KLIF Wheels Show Opening's Partisan Snark at 92% Against Republicans for Second Third of 2022
2022 September 7

Pie Chart: Actual KLIF Wheels Show Open Partisan Tilt (May01-Sep03, 2022)

Inside Automotive Pushes More J6 Hearsay to Support Cassidy's J6 Hearsay
2022 July 23

Inside Automotive Pushes Fake News: 'Trump Strikes' Becomes 'Trump Meltdown'.

Inside Automotive Omits News of Assassination Attempt on Republican U.S. Representative
2022 July 22
2022 July 24 (Updated)

Inside Automotive Does Not Link to News of Assassination Attempt on Republican.

Ed Wallace Announces End Date for his KLIF Wheels Radio Show
2022 July 17

The Ed Menace is found on KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace

Inside Automotive Pushes Cassidy's Second Hand J6 Hearsay
2022 July 8
2022 July 12 (Updated)

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Weird Ed Yak-Like-Dalek's ode to the J6 Committee


Freeman Honda Sales Manager Jeff Cole Has a Failure to Communicate
2022 July 2

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Freeman Toyota Dane Minor & Honda Jeff Cole - Fools Are Us 

The Airing of the KLIF Wallace, KFXR/KRLD Chase & Norm Reeves Honda GM Elattrache Love Triangle
2022 July 2

Automotive Edge - Kurt Chase:  Norm Reeves Honda - David Elattrache, Dan Smith. 

Pie Chart: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Laments Roe's End

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Posts Link Label that Outs Transgender Rancher
2022 June 24

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive's Link Label Outs Transgender Rancher

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace & Southwest Ford Charlie Gilchrist Declare that Tesla’s Texas Sales Process Is Illegal
2022 June 14

Dealership Space: Remake to cult film favorite Office Space 

Ed Wallace's inside Automotive Minimizes Would-Be Justice Kavanaugh Assassin News
2022 June 10
2022 June 11 (Updated)

Funniest sign for KLIF Ed Wallace? Same message as Lee Harvey Oswald bumper sticker.

Alleged Antitrust Violation Admissions by WBAP Car Pro Host and by WBAP Car Pro / KLIF Wheels Sponsor
2022 June 4

Statue of Limitations. Remind Dane Minor when on KLIF Wheels

Pro-Life Church Elder Sponsors Abortion Rights Advocating KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace
2022 May 28

Point/Counterpoint: KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace vs. Freeman Toyota Dane Minor

Ed Wallace's KLIF Wheels Ties Arrest of 'Clock Boy' to Salem Witch Trials
2022 May 25

KLIF Wheels Ed Wallace Pushes Clock Boy False Narrative

Ed Wallace's Wheels Ignores Sussmann Trial, Just Like the Mainstream Media
2022 May 23

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace: No Sussmann Trial Coverage

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Launders Leftist Source of Pro-Choice Editorial
2022 May 17
2022 May 24 (Updated)

Squeals with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Source Laundering

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Site’s Abortion Rights Links Tilt at 84% to Pro-Choice, 0% to Pro-Life
2022 May 14

Pie Chart: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Pushes Pro-Choice

Ed Wallace's KLIF Wheels Show Opening Tilts the Partisan Snark at 91% Against Republicans
2022 May 3
2022 May 8 (Updated)

Squeals with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Jenna Ryan Calls Out Creepy Weirdo KLIF Wheels

Ed Wallace Ends his KDFW (Fox 4) Good Day Show Car Reviews
2022 April 19

Bunny Interrupts Ed Wallace KDFW (Fox 4) Car Review

Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Uses Link Label to Assign Leftist Violence to the Right
2022 April 17

Inside Automotive False Swedish Unrest Link Label 

General Manager of Wheels’ Toyota Sponsor Declares Car Dealerships Might Sue Car Manufacturers
2022 April 15
2022 April 16 (Updated)

KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): Toyota GM Dane Minor Says Dealer Lawsuit of Manufacturers Might be Next

Ed Wallace's Denial of KLIF Wheels' Fabricated Caller Consists of Lies
2022 March 1

Squeals With Ed Wallace (Inside Automotive): KLIF Wheels Fabricates Caller


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