The Airing of the KLIF Wallace, KFXR/KRLD Chase & Norm Reeves Honda GM Elattrache Love Triangle
2022 July 2

Norm Reeves Honda General Manager David Elattrache was torn between two lovers during his June 18, 2022 guest appearance on Kurt Chase's Automotive Edge radio show.

Automotive Edge - Kurt Chase:  Norm Reeves Honda - David Elattrache, Dan Smith. [EXPAND]

Obliquely referring to Ed Wallace as Elattrache’s buddy, Chase expressed displeasure with the comparative frequency and duration of Elattrache’s appearances on the Automotive Edge.  Sorry Kurt, David just isn’t that much into you. Not that that should surprise Kurt, as Freeman's Toyota / Honda General Manager Dane Minor cheats him on even worse with a love square.

Automotive Edge
Speaker: Kurt Chase, Host

KFXR 1190 AM - June 18, 2022

“… This is General Manager, El Guru,
El “Automobilo", David Elattrache.”

”… Where are you going, Dave? I mean it is once in a blue moon that I even get you on here.
I know you spend four or five hours with your buddy. But you know…”

”…Just one more segment, Dave. I mean, my checkbook ain’t that thick like your buddy's. But, you know, whatever I gotta do. I’ll come over and mow your yard. Whatever we gotta do."
[♫ audio]



Towards the end of the show, Norm Reeves Honda Sales Manager Dan Smith reappeared on the show and offered an exclusive deal to the Automotive Edge audience.

Automotive Edge
Speaker: Dan Smith, Guest,
Norm Reeves Honda Sales Manager

KRLD 1080 AM - June 18, 2022

“… But you do not get the deal unless you come in and tell me that Kurt and Bo sent you. OK. So, I’ve been kind of lenient on this in the past, but I am going to put the hammer down.”

”If you do not tell me Kurt and Bo sent you, then you do not get the deal. I’m not trying to be ugly about it, but it is these guys that are asking me to do these promotions and I want them to get full credit for it.”

So, if you don’t tell me Kurt or Bo sent you,
then no bueno
[♫ audio]


Despite Kurt Chase’s grousing, Elattrache appeared on next week’s edition of Wheels (June 25, 2022). And while he did co-host for the full five hours, Elattrache offered no deals to the Wheels’ audience. Similarly, General Manager Dane Minor offered nothing to the Wheels’ audience when co-hosting Wheels the week prior (June 18th), while at the same time offering ♫ preferential treatment to WBAP Car Pro audience members who shop his Freeman Toyota dealership.

Given all of the above, the lesson for those with enough poor judgment to purchase a vehicle from a sponsor of Ed Wallace is that one must mention the host of a car broadcast against which Wallace competes in order to receive the best deal. Mentioning Ed gets you nothing.