Ed Wallace Announces End Date for his KLIF Wheels Radio Show
2022 July 17

During his show’s July 16, 2022 broadcast, Ed Wallace set the end date for his Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show on KLIF.

Speaker: Ed Wallace
KLIF 570 AM – July 16, 2022

“OK... Here's the plan. OK?
So you can count down with me.
After today, there are 15 shows left."

[♫ audio]


That places the show's final broadcast on October 29, 2022.

The national mid-term election date follows soon after on November 8, 2022. That leaves Wallace over three months to promote the Democrat agenda. Beware!

The Ed Menace is found on KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace

The “Red Menace” remains a threat to this day, particularly with China's ascending economic and military capabilities. Ed Wallace sides with the communists by denouncing tariffs that protect the United State's intellectual property and manufacturing base.