Ed Wallace's Denial of KLIF Wheels' Fabricated Caller Consists of Lies
2022 March 1

While oblique references to Outside Automotive website have previously been raised on air, Ed Wallace for the first time explicitly referenced this website during his February 26, 2022 edition of Wheels when he denied that his show fabricated a caller.  This revelation of a fabricated caller was documented on the Outside Automotive website with the tale of 'Lance in Caddo Mills' that was published on October 13, 2021.  In short, due the constant dearth of callers, Wallace resorted to having a staff member pretend to be a caller in order to have something other than dead air to transmit.  That story also links to audio of ♫ Wallace pleading for callers (2021JUL31) and links to audio of ♫ Wallace telling his sound engineer that there are no calls for him to work (2021OCT16).  Throughout the 2021 year, Wallace’s pleads for callers were frequently heard whenever the top of the 11AM and 12PM hours arrived.

Wallace's denial of a fabricated caller can be heard here:  ♫ AUDIO

Ed Wallace began his denial of a fabricate caller as follows:

“... there is this guy called 'Lance from Caddo Mills' that has called the show ... he [Outside Automotive] said three times, back to back to back.  But, in fact, 'Lance from Caddo Mills' has called the show three times in a year.”


Right from the start of his refutation, Ed Wallace explicitly lies about the contents of the Outside Automotive story.  When originally published on October 13, 2021, the Outside Automotive story stated that it reviewed the time period from July 1, 2021 to October 13, 2021 and then detailed six ‘Lance in Caddo Mills’ calls to the show that occurred between August 28, 2021 and October 9, 2021.  Then, the story was updated on October 17, 2021, to add yet another Caddo Mills Lance call that occurred on October 16, 2021.  So, in its final form of October 17, 2021, the story documented SEVEN Caddo Mills Lance calls to the show that occurred between August 28, 2021 and October 16, 2021, which is a SEVEN WEEK time span.

Caddo Mills Lance Call
July 3 – October 16 (2021)

Purported Reason for Call

August 28 (11:56 AM)

Wants recommendation for a car to tour America.

September 11 (12:13 PM)

Wants recommendation for a full size pickup.

September 18 (11:27 AM)

Wants opinion on Porsche versus Jaguar.

September 18 (12:09 PM)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 2 (12:33 PM)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 9 (11:55 AM)

Wants opinion on four-cylinder pickups.

October 16 (10:58 AM)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.


Yet, on February 26, 2022, Wallace states that ‘Lance in Caddo Mills’ calls only three times over a one year period.  This was an intentional lie by Ed Wallace, as the story upon which he comments included the above table of seven Caddo Mills Lance calls within a two month period.   

It is also noteworthy that after the October 17, 2021 story update was published, ‘Lance in Caddo Mills' disappeared.  Several months went by until there was one additional appearance to provide cover for the lack of callers.

Caddo Mills Lance Call
After October 16, 2021

Purported Reason for Call

January 8, 2022 (11:56 AM)

Comments on rebuilt versus used transmissions.


Beginning the next week (January 15, 2022), Wheels began rotating in a sponsor to act as a co-host.  Now, the lack of callers is obfuscated by inane banter between Wallace and a sponsor instead of by a fabricated caller.  Another tact is for Wallace to extend the sessions from the few callers that he does receive for as long as possible by endlessly bloviating on uninteresting tangents before eventually addressing the caller’s issue.  Contrast this conduct with the Car Pro Show which runs against Wallace's show during the 9AM to 11AM hours. The host Jerry Reynolds is constantly hurrying his caller along so as to get to the next one.

In regards to Wallace’s claim of being his radio show being rated number one for listeners above 35, Wallace lacks the credibility to accept his claim without evidence.  Wallace has not posted any links on his InsideAutomotive website to any news source reporting these ratings.  And, Wallace obviously has no hesitation in lying to his audience, as just exhibited by Wallace’s intentional false statements on the ‘Lance in Caddo Mills’ call frequency.  Furthermore, in 2009, Wallace’s claims regarding KLIF Wheels’ ratings have been called into question by Give Me The VIN radio host John Clay Wolfe, whose show runs against Wallace's show during the 8AM to 11AM hours.

John Clay Wolfe (November 30, 2009 at 6:24 am) replying to online comments posted by Ed Wallace:

“The Ratings. Now this is where you personality/ego arrives in print. Being that you of all people would call someone a liar in one sentence, then make a comment above that is a lie in the same. [BOLDING ADDED] In the PPM Arbitron World, every minute of every hour has ratings. If a new show started yesterday, the ratings on that show would be posted within 40 days of it’s beginning. My first show in Dallas was Saturday July 18. The only head 2 head measurable hours between you and I is 8-9A. When my show began on July 18 2009, you had a significant lead on me. Today you are significantly behind me. You know this already, and trying to talk about web-hits, and claim the ratings aren’t out yet is showing your ass. To be exact I have a 50% lead on you in most categories in the October Arbitron. Your average listener stays tuned in for 15 min, whereas Real Deal show retains listeners for double your retention. Actually, I’m disappointed, bc in September PPM results showed me holding listeners for 45 min, and you still at 15, but my overall CUME numbers increased so much in Oct that it brought my time spent listening down a bit. Here is a link to my blog where I will post the actual Arbitron PPM data since August for interpretation. [LINK REDACTED]

Truth be known, you and I are not even in the same business. We are not competitors, we are not piers. I knew this going in, and you were the leader in the DFW auto talk seg. It took me 60 days to pass you in the ratings. You have been on for 17 years, and in 60 days I took you. [BOLDING ADDED] If my hours were matched to yours further into the morning, you would see the same results. Actually, I’ll make a $1,000 bet with you that I will have a 100% AQH PPM lead on you by March 2010 on the 8-9 seg.”


John Clay Wolfe was recently profiled by D CEO magazine in its January/February 2022 edition.

To conclude, Outside Automotive stands by its accusation of Ed Wallace fabricating a caller.  Wallace claimed that ‘Lance in Caddo Mills’ called three times over a years period.  The reality is that ‘Lance in Caddo Mills’ called into almost every show over a two month period (twice on a particularly slow September 18th).  These calls stopped once they were exposed as a fraud.  That Ed Wallace must lie in his attempt to refute CaddoGate just reinforces the accusation's validity. 

Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller