Wheels with Ed Wallace Repeatedly Fabricates Caller to Disguise a Lack of Audience
2021 October 13
2021 October 17 (Updated)

Wheels with Ed Wallace now promotes fake callers in addition to fake news.  On September 19, 2021, Outside Automotive discussed a caller to the Wheels radio show who was identified as “Lance in Caddo Mills”.  On the prior day, ♫ Lance in Caddo Mills phoned Wallace for information on a G-class Mercedes SUV.  Well, strangely enough, Lance in Caddo Mills was again on the phone with Wheels two weeks later with essentially the ♫ same questions regarding the same Mercedes SUV.  If that alone is not suspicious enough, Lance in Caddo Mills returns to the air again during the very next show, this time asking about four cylinder trucks.  So, something is amiss.

To find that something, a quick scan of callers dating from July 2021 forward produced the following list of appearances of Lance in Caddo Mills:

Caddo Mills Lance Call
(July 3, 2021 Forward)

Purported Reason for Call

August 28

Wants recommendation for a car to tour America.

September 11

Wants recommendation for a full size pickup.

September 18 (11:27AM)

Wants opinion on Porsche versus Jaguar.

September 18 (12:09PM)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 2

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 9

Wants opinion on four-cylinder pickups.

October 16 (new)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.


It is self evident from the call acceptance frequency that Lance in Caddo Mills is not a random audience member.  And there appears to be great familiarity in the banter between Lance and Wallace.  Well, a look at the Wheels' radio staff reveals that there is a sound engineer whose name is Lance Anderson.  And a web search for Lance Anderson finds an age-appropriate male named Lance Anderson who lives in Caddo Mills, a small Texas town from which one can quickly commute the 40 interstate highway miles to the Dallas KLIF radio studio.  Hence, there is a Lance Anderson in Caddo Mills whose profile matches that of the Wheels sound engineer Lance Anderson.

Lance in Caddo Mills Lance in Caddo Mills

Furthermore, during the July 31, 2021 Wheels edition, ♫ Ed Wallace pleads for callers, bemoaning that "Lance is literally sitting there doing nothing” and is getting paid for no work.  Since that lament, it appears that Wallace has since found a way for Lance to earn his paycheck.  And that is by having Lance pretend to be a caller such as to obfuscate the show's lack of an audience.  Even with this fabrication, Wallace often begs for calls as the noon hour approaches.

To conclude, who is the fake caller known as "Lance in Caddo Mills"?  It’s a mystery not unlike those encountered in the pop-culture versions of the board game Clue.  And while not every box has been ticked on our Detective’s Notes pad, Outside Automotive is confident in making the following accusation:  It was the Wheels sound engineer, in the KLIF Radio Studio, with the microphone.

Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller

UPDATE (2021OCT17)

When the fake “Lance in Caddo Mills” caller returned for the October 16, 2021 edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace, the facade that Lance is in Caddo Mills quickly crumbles.  Earlier in the show, Wallace announced that a racing event was taking place in the streets adjacent to the KLIF studio.  During the Caddo Mills Lance “call", ♫ Lance first claims to not be aware that there was going to be a racing event but then immediately proceeds to describe the racetrack's configuration.  Caddo Mills is 40+ miles from the KLIF radio studio.  The racing event was taking place immediately adjacent to the KLIF radio studio.  Lance had to be near KLIF, not in Caddo Mills, to describe the racing event. 

Later in the show, Lance, as Lance the Wheels sound engineer, leaves the KLIF studio to ♫ report live on-air, in-person details from the event.  When Wallace tells him to get deeper into the event, Lance objects saying he has behind-the-scenes work to perform.  Wallace retorts that there are no calls for him to work.

So, further confirmation of the two earlier points.  First, “Lance in Caddo Mills” and "Lance the Wheels sound engineer" are the same person.  Hence, Ed Wallace deceives the audience with a faux caller in addition to the false news narratives.  Second, Wheels with Ed Wallace lacks an audience of sufficient size to sustain his five hour time slot.


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