KLIF Wheels With Ed Wallace Show Rushes Towards its Last Broadcast
2022 October 22

The last airing of the Wheels With Ed Wallace radio show is October 29, 2022, which is one week away. Upon this occasion, information that topples one of the pillars upon which Wallace repeatedly rests his credibility shall be disclosed.

As depicted by the following scene from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards accurately dramatizes our reaction to this data (and other unrelated truths as well).


MTM: Mary Richards Scolds Mr. Grant


And with that, be sure to join us next Saturday morning for the big reveal on Outside Automotive.

Squeals With with Ed Wallace - KLIF Wheels Hushes Up like its 2112 (Rush) [EXPAND]

For those unfamiliar with progressive rock album art from the 1970s, the following is submitted for your approval:

Rush 2112 Album Art Rush 2112

The original cover art from Rush’s 2112 album actually contains a Starman logo, not a pentagram. But given that he tells listeners to "♫ GO TO HELL!", let Wallace invoke the devil from the proper setting.