Inside Automotive Pushes Cassidy's Second Hand J6 Hearsay
2022 July 8
2022 July 12 (Updated)

Not satisfied with second hand news, Ed Wallace has branched out into second hand hearsay. Inside Automotive gave top billing to the J6 Committee hearing testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson. You see, Cassidy heard it from a friend (Secret Service Assistant Director Anthony Ornato)... who heard it from a friend (Secret Service Agent Robert Engel)… who says that Trump has been lungin' around.


That was the big bombshell from the quickly assembled J6 Committee session of last week. Those with direct knowledge of the events immediately disputed Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony. Disregarding the obvious flaws, Ed Wallace takes these false narratives on the run in his Really Exhausting Opinions (REO) Screed-organ of a web site.

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive: Gives Top Billing to False Narative [EXPAND]

Ed Wallace did append a link at the tail of the stories about Cassidy’s testimony that was labeled "Secret Service to Contradict Cassidy". This does nothing to ameliorate Wallace's trumpeting of fake news. It is merely a repeat of his Emily Litella “Never Mind" style of reporting.

Since that June 28th testimony, Wallace has linked to multiple opinion editorials pleading that Hutchinson is credible. Never mind that the J6 Committee could have removed doubts that her claims were true by scheduling the testimony of those Secret Service agents with first hand knowledge during the same live, on-air session in which Hutchinson appeared. The J6 Committee knew Hutchinson’s testimony in advance of the session, but provided zero corroboration for it.  And, no adversarial cross-examination of Hutchinson was allowed either. So despite a lack of any grounding in facts, Wallace pushes this “Trump Struck Secret Service Agent” tale. Not unlike his 'Rein of Terror' story push, Wallace can’t let a useful false narrative go to waste.

Wallace seems determined to exterminate what little credibility he has left.

Perhaps that is why Ed Wallace returned to the recording studio in London to compose this ode to the J6 Committee using his
Weird Ed Yak-Like-Dalek persona:

Press button for
 Dalek’s ‘Exterminate!’
[♫ audio ]


Weird Ed Yak-Like-Dalek
”Cassidy Blabs Now”


The jig's up, tale has no ground

Hearsay I'm pushing

'Round and 'round

Pound and clown and down it goes

As my reputation hits new lows


When you tune-in to my name

To hear lies told with no shame

Calling events of J6 dire

Free my outrage, I require your ire


Cassi Cassi can blab now

Trump wants to lunge out and grab ya

Cassi Cassi can blab now

Cassidy blabs now


She claimed the note, Herschmann can't abide

She claimed 'The Beast', SUV was the ride

Schiff and Cheney, them I like

Let the truth take a long long hike


Cassi Cassi can blab now

Trump wants to lunge out and grab ya

Cassi Cassi can blab now

Cassidy blabs now

 [♫ audio ]


Abracadabra. Ed Wallace’s illusion of being a news source is quite the magic act.

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Weird Ed Yak-Like-Dalek's ode to the J6 Committee [EXPAND]


And for those puzzled by all of the above, the following is submitted for your approval:



Ed Wallace again pushed the activities of the J6 Committee, giving the testimony of former Trump White House lawyer Pat Cipollone the top headline of the July 10, 2022 edition of Inside Automotive.

Inside Automotive: Cipollone testifies link

The timing of this testimony is important, in that the recent testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson included specific, inflammatory claims regarding Cipollone. So, this provides the first opportunity of the J6 Committee to corroborate some of Hutchinson‘s claims, as Cipollone would be under oath. It is noteworthy that the NBC News article to which Wallace chose to link does not give specific examples of what Cipollone testified and does not give specific examples of which of Hutchinson claims that he corroborated, if any.

Conversely, the coverage on the CNN web site is more detailed.

(CNN) - Two people familiar with former Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone's testimony Friday told CNN that the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, did not ask him if he told then-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson the day of the attack that they would "get charged with every crime imaginable" if they went to the US Capitol.

If asked, he would not have confirmed that particular statement, the sources said.


In one reads the full article, it is obvious that the J6 Committee, which comprise solely of members chosen by Democrat House Speaker Pelosi, carefully elicited only testimony that tells their target story. The committee avoided all testimony where Cipollone would contradict Hutchinson. As a result, Cipollone's testimony is incomplete and false testimony by Hutchinson remains unchallenged in the record.

If the J6 Committee wanted the facts, it would have already called the Secret Service agents with first hand knowledge of the events to testify. The Secret Service agents offered to testify two weeks ago. They have not been called to testify.

Ed Wallace, Schiff and Cheney all agree:  “Let the truth take a long, long hike".