Wheels with Ed Wallace Inflames Instead of Informs with Merck Pill Coverage
2021 October 19

The Second Hand News (SHN) segment of the October 16, 2021 edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace exhibited another instance of Wallace employing reporting skills that must have been acquired at the Emily Litella School of Journalism.Wallace spins news narratives in a manner to build the most outrage within the audience, only to drop a fact at the tail of the story which deflates the whole thing.Itís the Ed Wallace variation of the Litella ďnever mind".

This time, Wallace was reporting on Merck's new COVID pill.It costs $17.74 to manufacture, but Merck will charge $712.Wallace ponders ♫ how was it that Martin Shkreli was jailed for hiking the price of a drug by 56 times, but the Merck CEO is not jailed for hiking the price of this new drug by 40 times.Then, Wallace continues by declaring that his prior assertion was fiction.Martin Shkreli was jailed for securities fraud, not for predatory drug pricing.ďOh. I'm sorry. Never mind."

Wallaceís coverage of a Peloton recall followed the same Litella reporting formula.Itís a radio form of click bait, where the headline does not match the articleís content.

As for Emily Litellaís thoughts on this matter:

Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive KLIF Wheels Smirk PillEmily Litella: Ed Wallace Wheels Smirk Pill

Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive KLIF Wheels Overpriced RugsEmily Litella: Ed Wallace Wheels Overpriced Rugs

It just goes to show you.When it comes to Ed Wallace, itís always something.If itís not one thing, itís another.In other words, just another representative instance of Wallaceís Sleight of Hand News.