Major Media Did Not Give Much Play to Ed Wallace's Retirement from KLIF
2022 November 5

A week has passed since the last edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace aired on KLIF.

Despite being on the radio for nearly 30 years, Ed Wallace's retirement did not appear in any local media reports. There was no story within the pages of his former employer, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Nothing appeared in The Dallas Morning News. Remaining silent on the matter was D-magazine, with not even a post on its daily blog Frontburner. The Dallas Observer observed nothing. Web searches yielded nothing for major area television stations. In fact, the only known media acknowledgement of October 29th was by Neil Sperry, who wished Ed well during the start of his gardening radio show that immediately follows Wallace's show.

In contrast, retiring after 27 years as the Good Day co-anchor on KDFW (Fox 4 Dallas), Tim Ryan received significant press coverage when leaving the desk in August of 2022. The Dallas Morning News published an article by Tommy Cummings, which was reposted for national consumption by MSN. The Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Harriet Ramos also covered the retirement, with that article also reposted by MSN. The last found reporting was D-Magazine's posting of an Earburner podcast regarding the departure.

In wrapping up his last show, Wallace pontificates with melodramatic pauses:

Speaker: Ed Wallace
KLIF 570 AM – October 29, 2022

”And after a lifetime of being a high profile individual, even times when it would have been smart probably to tone things down a bit,

retirement to me is simply forcing myself
to become irrelevant.

And that’s fine too.”

[♫ audio]


Congratulations, Ed. You accomplished your mission of becoming irrelevant. And based upon the local media non-reaction, that goal was attained long before your final broadcast.

As for the show that is to replace Wheels with Ed Wallace, no comments shall be proffered until it airs. There is often a divergence between what Wallace claims will be and what actually is. Only after the show airs will it be known if the following replacement alternative should have been taken instead:

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Jetson's Autoblab new KLIF Wheels host [EXPAND]

For Family Guy’s take on the referenced ending credits of The Jetsons, the following is submitted for your approval: