Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Site's Links Resulting from the Roes End Tilt at 93% to Pro-Choice, 0% to Pro-Life
2022 June 28
2022 June 29 (Updated)

Inside Automotive might as well be named Inside Abortion, as Ed Wallace is determined to make you an insider to the abortion mill industry. Within the 72-hour period since SCOTUS returned the legality of abortion back to the states, the abortion topic dominates the site as Wallace publishes 59 links to related news articles, opinion editorials, and opinion editorials masquerading as news articles.

Click on the following graphic to view the relevant Inside Automotive web site links, link labels, and publisher names since that SCOTUS decision:

Table:  Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Links Associated with SCOTUS Overturning RoeTable: Inside Automotive Roe Overturned Links

Ed Wallace claims that the Inside Automotive web site provides nonpartisan news aggregation. All of the above raw data allows another test of that claim. In the prior test, the link percentage was titled at 84% to Pro-Choice and 0% to Pro-Life.

Of the 59 articles linked, 4 articles were neutral in tone. An article was classified "neutral" if it was a news article that presented all the facts and is balanced in the presentation of opinions the end of abortion as a constitutional right.

Of the 59 articles linked, 55 articles were pro-choice in tone. An article was classified pro-choice if it overwhelming presented a positive tone towards abortion rights and its supporters or overwhelming presented a negative tone towards the unborns rights and its supporters. These pro-choice articles range mostly came from left-leaning mainstream media sources such as ABC News. Some came from very leftist publications such as The Atlantic, Vanity Fair and Politico.

Of the 59 articles linked, 0 articles were pro-life in tone. An article was classified pro-life if it overwhelming presented a positive tone towards the unborns rights and its supporters or overwhelming presented a negative tone towards abortion rights and its supporters. There was not one link to any article that presented a favorable treatment of the courts decision. In fact, the only source to which Wallace linked that some consider a right-leaning news source was Fox News. Wallace linked to one article from Fox News that reports Samuel L Jackson racially insulted Justice Clarence Thomas (without any rebuttal).

At five times, the most frequently linked source was The Texas Tribune. This is particularly noteworthy, as the linked articles include the following disclaimer:

Disclosure: Planned Parenthood has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the Tribunes journalism. Find a complete list of them here.


It is a clear conflict of interest that abortion provider Planned Parenthood sponsors the source of many of Wallace's pro-abortion rights articles. No wonder the bias tilts even further to the pro-choice side, increasing from 84% to 93%.

Pie Chart: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Laments Roe's EndPie Chart: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Laments Roe's End

Wallace did not link to the many weekend instances of pro-life centers being vandalized. Wallace did not link to the threats from the organization "Jane's Revenge" which has been associated with dozens of intimidating acts targeting those opposed to abortion. Wallace did not link to the J24 insurrection in Arizona, where protestors for abortion rights broke windows and doors at the Senate building and stopped the in-progress Arizona State Senate legislative session. Conversely, a pickup with the right-of-way slowly pushing through pro-abortion protesters blocking the road does get a link from Wallace this weekend.

Once again, Ed Wallace actions expose his belief that politically motivated violence conducted by his fellow travelers on the left should either be ignored or be considered fiery, but mostly peaceful. And his radio program and web site are the means by which he disseminates this propaganda.

And who funds Ed Wallaces Inside Abortion web site? Car dealers like Freeman Toyota, who sponsors both his Wheels show and his weekday 5:26PM KLIF auto news segments. Freeman Toyotas General Manager is Dane Minor, who has co-hosted Wheels as recently as June 18, 2022 for the full five hours. Dane Minor is also an Elder at the Gateway Church, where he publishes his association with Freeman Toyota on the churchs web site.

Dane Minor, Gateway Church, Elder:

Dane Minor is the general manager and managing partner of Freeman Toyota and Freeman Honda. He has been with Freeman Auto Group since 1988"

Dane has been attending Gateway since 2006 and has enjoyed learning through Pastor Roberts teachings.


And what are those teaching of Pastor Robert? Perhaps the pastors tweet released soon after the announcement of the SCOTUS decision offers a clue:

Gateway Church advocates Pro-Life. Elder Dane Minor sponsors Pro-Choice media.Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church: SCOTUS protected the unborn.

To conclude: if you are a member of the Gateway Church and want to follow the teachings of Pastor Robert instead of merely 'enjoying them, one would purchase their next vehicle from someplace other than Freeman Toyota. Whereas a portion of a car purchase goes towards advertising expenses, you, the buyer, are financing the promotion of abortion rights that occurs on Ed Wallace's KLIF Wheels radio show and his Inside Automotive web site when purchasing a vehicle from Freeman Toyota or Freeman Honda.

For more information, view post: Pro-Life Church Elder Sponsors Abortion Rights Advocating KLIF Wheels with Ed Wallace


In the June 29, 2022 edition of Ed Wallace's Inside Abortion web page, Wallace again provides cover for violence conducted by his fellow pro-choice advocates by linking to an article titled "Fears of violence against pro-choice protests intensify amid wave of attacks" posted on the left-wing source The Guardian. Any doubts as to The Guardians far-left bias are dispelled by its misnaming of the pro-life" side as "anti-abortion", while using the left sides preferred nomenclature of "pro-choice"

Even more egregious is Wallaces applied link label: Fears of Violence at Pro-Choice Rallies. Wallaces label implies that the article covers fears of any violence at these events, while the article itself bemoans alleged violence targeted at pro-choice pro-abortion protesters while denying the real violence by the pro-abortion protesters. Mostly, The Guardian is outraged that the police are arresting some of the worst pro-abortion actors.

Since the release of the SCOTUS Dodd decision, Wallace has not linked to any story covering the violence, vandalism and threats from the pro-abortion protesters.