KLIF Wheels’ Host David El Attrache Retires as General Manager of Norm Reeves Honda NRH
2023 August 15

During the 10 o’clock hour of his August 12th show, The Automotive Edge show host Kurt Chase announced that David El Attrache retired from his position as General Manager of Norm Reeves Honda Superstore North Richland Hills.

The Automotive Edge
KEGL 97.1 FM – August 12, 2023 10:34AM

Kurt Chase

“This segment goes to Norm Reeves Honda Superstore North Richland Hills.

And, uh, we want to give a special shout out to David El Attrache. David's been over there for over 20 years as general manager and today's his last day. And, uh.”

Bo Carver

Kurt Chase
“And we're going to miss David El Attrache.”

Bo Carver
“When did that It’s the first I’ve heard of that.”

Kurt Chase
“Well, he didn't want you to know because he doesn't like you.”

Bo Carver
“He loves me. What are you talking about?”

Kurt Chase
“But anyway, you’ve got Allen Glover at the helm of the wheel over there.  You got Dan Smith. Uh  You got Woody.  Uh everybody is in place. 

You know, David, uh, has been in this business for over 35 years. And you know what he was before he was the general manager of North Richland Hills?”

Bo Carver
“Uh I would say he was probably a gambler.”

Kurt Chase
“Nope. You remember… you know the show Bar Rescue? That's what David did. He went in all these high end places and went in and cleaned them up and straightened them out.

And then he got in the car business. And he's been over at, back when it was Huggins, and then became Norm Reeves. He's been through there well over 20 years.

We love David. Good, good, good people. We wish you the best on your next adventure in life. Whateverhopefully it's enjoying a hammock“

Bo Carver
“And taking it easy.”

Kurt Chase
and just kicking it and, uh, you will be missed. But not forgotten. And I’ll be in touch with him later on the day to visit with him.”

[Some extraneous interjections omitted for readability.]


His retirement was something that David El Attrache did not disclose to his own audience during the August 12th broadcast of KLIF Wheels. Disclosure is essential in these matters, as such allows for the audience to scrutinize recommendations of vehicles and dealerships for bias. So, it is questionable to have learned of this development from a competitor.

On the topic of competition, the two shows run in direct competition with each other every Saturday morning, now for the full four hours. On August 5th, The Automotive Edge added a fourth hour to its broadcast. The first two hours (8AM-10AM) broadcast on KFXR 1190 AM. The last two hours (10AM-12PM) broadcast on KEGL FM 97.1.

As to how the departure affects the future of the Wheels’ show, one might make a prediction based upon what unfolded from a similar past event. Last year, Wheels’ host John Ingram left Norm Reeves Subaru Rockwall. When Ingram’s departed Norm Reeves, the apparently pending sponsorship of Wheels by his former employer was abandoned. 

To conclude, Outside Automotive now picks Norm Reeves Honda Superstore North Richland Hills as the next most likely sponsor to drop Wheels. Outside Automotive would applaud that development; if for no other reason than typing the dealership’s name of “Norm Reeves Honda Superstore North Richland Hills” has become way too burdensome.

And with that, Outside Automotive was able to obtain the music video that David El Attrache allegedly used to announce his career transition to his Norm Reeves staff:


The above music video draws from the song “Goodbye to You” by the British group Scandal.  For those unfamiliar that cultural reference, the following is submitted for your approval:


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