CarPro Host Jerry Reynolds Advises Caution When Listening to The Automotive Edge Radio Show
2024 May 4

Timing belt maintenance advice unchains CarPro Host Jerry Reynolds’ Ire

Automotive Radio Wrestlers of Dallas Timing Belt Bout: Jerry Reynolds vs. Kurt Chase


The gauntlet was thrown down. Jerry Reynolds, automotive radio host of The CarPro Show, blasted the advice given by Kurt Chase, a rival automotive radio host of The Automotive Edge. Setting the stage for a rumble at the Sportatorium, Jerry “The Fixer” Reynolds began the second hour of his April 27th broadcast with following skewering of Kurt “The Bridesmaid” Chase:

The CarPro Show
WBAP 820 AM - April 27, 2024 10:05AM

Jerry Reynolds

"There's about four, and there may be five, different car radio shows on in Dallas / Fort Worth. It became a big deal. Ed Wallace started it about 30 years ago. Bless his heart. Uh… has since retired. The show is still there, but he's gone.

Um… I joined in 23 years ago, uh, here on WBAP and I had a show since then. There's been a bunch come and go and, but there's still four or five on right now. And I know some of you flip channels, be careful what you listen to. I listen back to all my competition”


“The message is this: be careful who you listen to. Uh…  One of my competitors when I was listening in this week had a question from a guy with a Fusion, a Ford fusion. And his question was, hey, I'm coming up on 150,000 miles, do you have any idea how long the car will last? And should I get the timing belt changed? Uh… changed?

And he told the guy, you know, on the timing belt. No. If you haven't changed it by 150,000 miles, don't do it.

And, I almost wrecked the car because I'm thinking: Wow! That should have been done a long time ago! If in fact, it has a timing belt. It may not. And it would depend on what engine size the, the listener had. But he didn't ask that question. He didn't say which, which one do you have? Are you sure it's got a timing belt? It could have a timing chain which typically you don't have to change at all, ever.

So, be careful who you listen to on the radio. Just because somebody's on the radio doesn't mean the information you're getting is good. Be careful.”

[Some extraneous discussion omitted for readability.]


Reynolds was primarily alarmed at the advice to not change the timing belt if one is already long past its maintenance interval. He was also alarmed that Chase did not confirm that the car (2013 Ford Fusion) actually had a timing belt. Four engines were available for the 2013 Ford Fusion, where only the Ecoboost 1.6L engine had a timing belt while the other three had timing chains.

The original radio exchange that Reynolds was critiquing follows below (audio / transcript):

The Automotive Edge
KEGL 97.1 FM - April 20, 2024 10:53AM

Kurt Chase

"Let's go. The phone lines.
Who do we have us… have with us today on the Automotive Edge hotline?”

Caller ‘Jack’
“Hi. Jack.”

Kurt Chase
"Hey, Jack, what's up?”


Caller ‘Jack’
“I have a 2013 Ford Fusion.”


Caller ‘Jack’
 Timing belt. Is that still a thing or?

Kurt Chase
"Yeah… If you never replaced your timing belt, leave it alone. They always say, depending on the car, 110 or 120 thousand miles, replace the timing belt, spark plug, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's about a $2000 package to do that.

But if you haven't had a problem with this issue at this point, leave it alone. If it is creating an issue, you can always take it into Driver's Edge and say: hey, could you check my timing belt. They’ll check the timing on it and let you know. 

Hey, you're still running well, everything's still fine.  But if it hasn't, there's no need to spend that kind of money if you're still doing OK.”

Caller ‘Jack’
 “”Ok. Thank you so much.”

Kurt Chase
"You bet. Thanks for giving us a call.”

[Some extraneous discussion/interjections omitted for readability.]


The maintenance interval of timing belts, for vehicles with them, is standard across most makes and models. That belt must be replaced when a given mileage or age is reached (whichever comes first). So, Reynolds is correct in stating that Chase gave horrible advice on timing belt maintenance, especially since many vehicles have interference engines.  When an interference engine suffers a timing failure (belt or chain), its internals likely collide, which destroys the engine.

To reiterate the point, if one has a vehicle with a timing belt whose maintenance interval has expired by either mileage or time, replace it immediately.

And, as Reynolds pointed out, Chase was negligent on not confirming that the caller’s Fusion actually had a timing belt. It very well might have been equipped with one of its three other engine choices that are built with a timing chain. Timing chains have no fixed replacement interval and are replaced when diagnosed as failing.

But all of the above does not give the entire story. The correct advice for the caller requires referencing the vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. The timing belt maintenance interval is found in the owners manual on page #433, as shown below:

2013 Ford Fusion Timing Belt Maintenance Interval


Ford explicitly specifies a 150,000 mile timing belt replacement interval for the Ecoboost 1.6L engine. Ford does not specify a time by when the timing belt must be replaced. Given these parameters, the correct advice for Caller ‘Jack’ (for his ten year old 2013 Ford Fusion with 150K miles) is to replace the timing belt. With 150,000 miles on that Fusion, its belt replacement is due, but not overdue, based upon its mileage. So according to the car’s manufacturer, Reynolds’s exclamation of “Wow! That should have been done a long time ago!” is wrong as well since a timing belt replacement, if done soon, would not be tardy.

So, yes, Chase gave bad advice. But one must note that Chase was providing a live-on-the-air, immediate response to a caller’s random question. Conversely, Reynolds had several days to research his answer and still got an important detail wrong as well. Perhaps a pox on both houses is due.

CarPro Host Jerry Reynolds’ selective scolding of rivals

It also appears that Reynolds is quite selective as to which rival automotive radio talkers that he will scold. One of Reynolds frequent topics of discussion is something called “diminished value”. Diminished value is a loss in resale value of a collision damaged vehicle after it has been repaired, even if the repair is done correctly. Reynolds has written and discussed on-air how to recover that diminished value, assuring folks that there solid grounds upon which to claim it.

Well, just last year, Ed Wallace casted shade upon the idea of diminished value.

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – April 29, 2023 11:53AM

Ed Wallace

"We've had court cases here in Texas where they say diminished value is legitimate. And we've had court cases in Texas where they said it doesn't exist in any way because the lost value is today and you're not trading today. You may trade five, six years from now when the figures less.

So the courts have never decided on it. Insurance companies treat it the exact same way.”


David El Attrache
"Are you planning on selling the car now? Now that it's been repaired?”

"Oh, No… I'm gonna drive it until it… you know… I drive it until it has, you know, probably a half million miles on it. “

Ed Wallace
"So… You're just gonna try to mooch some extra money.

"Well, Absolutely!”

John Ingram
"Ok… At least he admits it.”

Ed Wallace
"That's the American way.

[Some extraneous discussion/interjections omitted for readability.]


So, in 2023, Wallace claims that the Texas courts are inconsistent about honoring diminished value claims. Well, the Texas Department of Insurance ended any ambiguity regarding diminished value over twenty years ago.

Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0027-00 - Texas Department of Insurance
April 6, 2000

“An insurer also may be obligated to pay a third party claimant for any loss of market value of the claimant’s automobile, regardless of the completeness of the repair, in a liability claim that the third party claimant may have against a policyholder. Further, an insurer may be obligated to pay a first party claimant under the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage provisions of the policy, for any loss of market value of the first party claimant’s automobile, regardless of the completeness of the repair.”


So, Wallace gives bad advice on a topic that Reynolds frequently evangelizes upon. But Wallace is not once given an on-air scolding by Reynolds.

One must note that receiving diminished value compensation from an insurance company is often difficult, as noted by this diminished value investigation by KPRC in Houston. But difficult does not mean fictional. And wanting to claim it does not make one a “mooch”, as Wallace labels a caller who seeks it.

Automotive radio wrestlers wield the dreaded Iron Jaw

The stage seems set at the old Sportatorium for a cage match between members of the Automotive Radio Wrestlers of Dallas (ARWD) league.

In one corner resides Jerry “The Fixer” Reynolds, who made a backroom anti-poach deal that allegedly violates antitrust law. The Fixer also lobbied the Texas state legislature to pass laws that protect franchised dealers from competition, thereby harms consumers.

In another corner, there’s Kurt “The Bridesmaid” Chase. Where there is competition between these hosts for the heart of a sponsor, poor Kurt always finds himself playing second fiddle or worst. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Sorry Kurt, they’re just aren’t that much into you.

And in a third corner, there’s Ed “The Menace” Wallace. Enough said.

One must remember that all of these radio hosts get their pay from the car dealerships that advertise on their shows. You, the audience, are the product being sold by these hosts to these dealerships. So do be careful to whom you listen to on the radio. Reynolds is correct on that point. He just “forgot” to include himself.

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