Autobahn BMW and Volkswagen Stop Advertising on KLIF Wheels
2023 April 15

The KLIF’s Wheels radio show has become the ultimate dropping machine, as yet another sponsor dropped its advertising on the show. First to go was the Sewell Automotive Company (Audi, Collision Center, Infiniti, Lexus, Subaru). Next to go was Frank Kent Cadillac.

Autobahn Fort Worth bids auf Wiedersehen to KLIF Wheels [EXPAND]

Now Autobahn Fort Worth has dropped its spots for Autobahn BMW and Autobahn Volkswagen. Prior to the April 8th show, every recent edition of Wheels would run three spots for Autobahn BMW and another three spots for Autobahn Volkswagen. During the April 8th KLIF Wheels show, no advertisements ran for an Autobahn Fort Worth dealership. Conversely, during a same day competing time slot on WBAP’s CarPro Show, Autobahn ran a commercial for its Autobahn BMW, Autobahn Volkswagen, and Autobahn Volvo dealerships.

Speakers: Kevin McCarthy
WBAP 820 AM April 8, 2023 09:57AM

Kevin McCarthy
”Lease specials are back at
Autobahn Fort Worth,
White Settlement and University,
at Autobahn Volvo.” […]

“At Autobahn BMW, lease a brand new
BMW I4 eDrive 35 for only $499 a month
for 36 months.

At Autobahn Volkswagen, they've got a great lease specials on ” […]


Further evidence of the split occurred during the fourth hour of the show when “Nancy from Weatherford” called for advice on fixing a suspension shimmy with her BMW. Instead of the customary referral to the Autobahn BMW service department, Wallace refers her to an independent Mercedes mechanic. Ed also then added that the guy is likely retired, so the referral might be worthless. As with all things Ed Wallace, no pay then no play.

Ed Wallace (KLIF Wheels) Inside Automotive drops Autobahn Volvo, Sewell Lexus Dallas

And while on the subject of no-pay, no-play, the Inside Automotive purchase page was affected by the loss of sponsorship. On that same April 8th, the referral to Autobahn Volvo was deleted from the purchase page. The other associated Autobahn dealerships still remain. So, the purchase page’s Autobahn unwinding appears to be following the model of the Sewell slow fade instead of the immediate removal model that befell all Frank Kent dealership referrals. And while on the topic of the Sewell slow fade, Sewell Lexus Dallas was deleted from the purchase page four days ago (April 11). Other Sewell dealerships remain, but the Sewell Collision Center remains banished from the front page.

To conclude, has KLIF Wheels become the automotive radio show equivalent of Bud Light, where the consequences of “go-woke, go broke” are being felt? And if so, who will be the next sponsor to abandon Ed Wallace's show? Outside Automotive predicts that Classic Buick/GMC will be the next Wheels sponsor to go, as that dealership began airing radio spots on the CarPro Show starting last month (March 11).

Speakers: Jerry Reynolds, Kevin McCarthy
WBAP 820 AM March 11, 2023 09:15AM

Kevin McCarthy
[…] And a new sponsor that I thought you might like to tell people about.”

Jerry Reynolds
“Yeah. […] They've been part of the show.
They just have never had commercials before.
But Classic Buick/GMC here in Arlington.
And, um… Real tickled to have them. 

Great dealership in the Classic tradition, you know. Family owned and operated.

They're literally Lancasters everywhere.” […]


Finally, for those unfamiliar with the main graphic’s reference to the song “So Long, Farewell” from the Sound of Music, the following is submitted for your approval: