Recent Backside of American History Segments Based on Book by Communist Sympathizer Author
2023 August 21
2023 August 27 (UPDATE)

Tiffany Gomas is no hero. She is the Dallas marketing executive who melted down on an airplane, apparently over a dispute about some air buds. The drama was captured on video by a fellow passenger, who subsequently posted it to the internet. From there came the news stories and memes.


Tiffany Gomas


And you can sit here on this plane
and you can         die with them or not.
I’m not going to.”


The woman’s meltdown was ridiculous. But with air travel being the nightmare that it is these days, perhaps a modicum of sympathy can be afforded her. Especially from the KLIF Wheels audience, who know what it is like to endlessly suffer disingenuous nonsense. At some point when placed under relentless duress, folks will balk.

Squeals with Ed Wallace: That Backside There is Not Real!!
[EXPAND] [The background art of the above image is owned by and sold by artist Travis Chapman]

Every Saturday around 9:20AM, the audience is subjected to a funhouse recital of history. Aptly titled Backside of American History (BOAH), as in “history pulled from Wallace’s anus”, the works of other authors are transcribed into audio Cliffnotes by car salesman turned scrivener Ed Wallace. The segments rarely, if ever, identify either the source material or its author. And no indication is given that permission was granted by the books’ rights owners for Wallace’s adaptations of these books into a for-profit, car-dealership-sponsored-radio-show segment.

Case in point is the currently running BOAH series (29JUL – 02SEP), which is an adaption of American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy’s Forgotten Crisis by Adam Hochschild. The segments do not name the source. Sometimes near the show’s end (roughly two hours after the BOAH segment ran), the title of the source material was stated. However, the book’s author is not mentioned. Perhaps the author is not revealed because his identity would be too revealing.

Backside of American History Based on Book Written by Communist Sympathizer [EXPAND]

So, this self-proclaimed arbiter of truth, Ed Wallace, broadcasts history based upon a narrative spun by the co-founder of Mother Jones magazine. The same Mother Jones to which his Inside Automotive website would link many articles yet hid from its list of sources (it has since been added). The same Mother Jones that Wallace conceded was unreliable when Wallace pushes the audience to believe a given article since it was from The Wall Street Journal, not Mother Jones. By his choice, Wallace left the audience unaware that the BOAH being presented was drawn from the works of the co-founder of a far left magazine named after one of the founders of both the Social Democratic Party and the communist Industrial Workers of the World (as per Britannica encyclopedia).

Let’s restate the above: Ed Wallace airs a BOAH segment about the suppression of the Industrial Workers of the World union in the 1910s. The source book was written by an author who co-founded a magazine named after the founder (“Mother Jones”) of the Industrial Workers of the World union. And this blatant conflict of interest that this author has on the subject is never disclosed to the audience by Ed Wallace!

Presenting the partisan as objective is fraud. And the contents of this BOAH are as dishonest as the subterfuge of its source. In it, Wallace laments how Democrat President Woodrow Wilson’s government censured speech, especially when it was true but problematic for it.

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
Backside of American History
KLIF 570 AM August 5, 2023 9:38AM

Ed Wallace

“Now although the Espionage Act never mentioned the word “censorship”, that's precisely what it entailed. Now, any newspaper, a magazine, periodical, a newsletter…could be banned by the post office, which would prevent any information deemed anti-war from being delivered to the public at large.

Keep in mind that law specifically stated false reports or false statements. But our elected officials took that to mean any statement from any organization they didn't like even if the information was true.

No, particularly if the information was true.”


So, Wallace uses the BOAH to lament the government censorship in the 1910s. Yet, Wallace is silent on the ongoing censorship by the Biden administration of the 2020s. There has not been links from his Inside Automotive website to an article on the Twitter Files, which provides documentation of the government directing suppression of the truthful Hunter Biden laptop news and other valid but disfavored stories. There has not been links from his Inside Automotive website to articles on the very active federal court case charging the Biden Administration with illegally censoring views on social media sites such as Twitter/X (Missouri v. Biden). There has not been links from his Inside Automotive website to articles on the congressional hearings on the Biden Administration illegally censoring views (i.e. RFK Jr.) on social media sites such as Twitter/X and Facebook. Furthermore, there has been no Second Hand News coverage of any of the above either.

In other words, Wallace’s principles as professed within his BOAH are a lie. His actions show that he is only bothered by the government’s censorship when applied to views with which he agrees. If government censorship furthers Wallace’s dystopian goals, then silence is golden.

-- UPDATE 2023 AUGUST 27 --


During the August 26th broadcast, Wallace aired a fourth installment of a BOAH series based upon the works of a communist sympathizer. And, again, the audience was not informed as to the provenance of the source. It was also announced that a fifth, and final, installment will be aired on September 2nd.

At this point, the Seinfeld episode that touched upon communist evangelism comes to mind:

Seinfeld (S6, E10)
“The Race”:


Eight hours of jingle belling and ho ho hoing.
Boy, I am ho'd out.

Anyone who works here is a sap.

Watch it!

Woah, woah, come on.

You understand the Santas at Bloomfields are making double what you are?


I bet the glue from that beard itches doesn't it?

You got that straight.

So when you get a rash all over your face in January, do you think Coleman’s will be there with a medical plan?

Look, you take that commie crap out into the street.

Ned (Ed)
Kramer, I've got some literature in my car that will change your whole way of thinking.

Talk to me baby.

Don't listen to him Kramer, you've got a good job here.


I want a racing car set.

Ho ho ho ho! A racing car set! Those are assembled in Taiwan by kids like you. And these Coleman pigs, they sell it at triple the cost.

But I want a racing car set.

You see kid, you're being bamboozled. These capitalist fat cats are inflating the profit margin and reducing your total number of toys.

Hey, this guy's a COMMIE!

Hey, kid, quiet. Where did a nice little boy like you learn such a bad word like that? Huh?

Commie! Commie! Traitor to our country!

Santa is not a Commie. He just forgot how his good friend stuck his neck out for him to get him a good job like this. Didn't he, Santa?!

Store Manager
Is there a problem here?

ho ho ho ho.

This guy's a Commie. He's spreading propaganda.

Store Manager
Oh yeah? Well that's enough, pinko!
You're through. The both of ya'!



If only Wheels had that “KID” amongst its hosts to call out Wallace. Instead, the audience is stuck with sycophantic Ingram, cowardly El Attrache and childish Grantham.

As for Wallace, Elaine Benes again describes him best: “Oh, this is Ed. He's a communist. Yep. A big communist. A big big communist.”

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