Freeman Honda Sales Manager Jeff Cole Suffers a Prisoner’s Dilemma
2023 July 29

The plight of Freeman Honda sales manager Jeff Cole brings to mind the dystopian British TV series known as The Prisoner. The show depicts a spy who resigns. He is subsequently rendered unconscious, to then wake up in an enigmatic village run by persons unknown. This former spy spends his time throughout the series trying to both escape his captivity and to determine which side operates the place.

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Freeman Honda Jeff Cole learns that questions are a burden. [EXPAND]

Similarly, Jeff Cole awakens Saturday morning to sometimes find himself imprisoned on a radio show. He must then endure an hour or more of Ed Wallace simultaneously praising and mocking him. While Cole’s words might say one thing, his tone throughout is of one who would rather be elsewhere.

Both the spy in The Prisoner and Jeff Cole as a guest on KLIF Wheels share the same two goals. One, escape their dystopian nightmare. And two, find out whose side their captors are on.

Case in point, consider the following:

Amusing themselves at Cole’s expense, Ed Wallace and his cronies persist in assigning nicknames to him. During two Wheels episodes of 2022 (June 18 and August 9), Wallace and Cole’s boss Dane Minor clown for five hours by applying the name of the Lone Ranger’s sidekick (“Tonto”) to Jeff Cole. (SIDEBAR: Does this not run afoul of Wallace’s “woke” principles? For that action both appropriates of a Native American’s identity and gives a minority’s role to a white guy.)

A year later, Cole was once again a guest for the July 22, 2023 edition of Wheels. This time, the Wheels’ crew launches the show by presenting Cole with a moniker that began use in 2023: The love child of Honda. The audio with transcript is as follows:

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – July 22, 2023 08:04AM

David El Attrache

“Thanks Don. I'm David El Attrache.”

John Ingram
“And I'm John Ingram.

And joining us in the Ed Wallace Studio for Dealer Council is Jeff Cole, the love child of Honda Motor Company at Freeman Honda.”

Jeff Cole
“The love child?”

John Ingram
“The love child.”

Jeff Cole
“Good morning.”

John Ingram
“Good morning. Glad to have you with us.”


Ed Wallace
“I mean… That's a nice title to have.”

Jeff Cole
“Oh, Yeah.”

Ed Wallace
“Yeah. It is. I guarantee it.
If you actually put it on your business card, everybody would remember your name.


The term “love child” is defined as follows:

Merriam-Webster definition:

love child (noun): a child whose parents were not married when the child was conceived.


As to why or how Jeff Cole was conceived out-of-wedlock by Honda and someone (Dane Minor?) is never really explained. But Wallace et al sure beat that “joke” to death for the rest of the opening hour and then some. They went so far as to replace the regular 9 o’clock top-of-the-hour bumper music with the Diana Ross’ song titled “Love Child”.

Putting this pet name nonsense aside, the communication failures of the past were prologue. The most conspicuous sample is as follows:

Wheels with David El Attrache and John Ingram
KLIF 570 AM – July 22, 2023 08:24AM

Ed Wallace

“There's a story coming out this week because the Manhattan Institute, which is by and large, a conservative institute. Doesn't mean it's not a good think tank. It is. But they say that the government's coming for your cars.

Jeff, how do you feel about that? And when I say coming for your cars, I mean, coming for your customer’s cars.

Jeff Cole
“Good luck. WhatWhat I… you know…

Ed Wallace
“When they come with a warrant to your door, a no knock warrant, and and the last thing you gonna do when they kick the door down
is go ‘good luck’. You know

Jeff Cole
“I don't know What You know
I don't think [SIGH]  I know I was supposed to be more prepared for this.”


Just listen to the Cole’s resignation to his fate with that last line. This truly is the real-file manifestation of a famous quote from The Prisoner.

The Prisoner. Episode #1. “Arrival”:

“Questions are a burden to others; Answers a prison for oneself.”

One has to wonder. Whose side is Wallace on? Wallace won’t truthfully answer that question, because that would be telling.

All of the above serves as inspiration for Outside Automotive’s latest upcoming release. So without further ado, here is a sneak preview of the prelude from our remake of the British TV series The Prisoner :

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Freeman Honda Jeff Cole in the prelude to The Prisoner. [EXPAND]

And for those unfamiliar with the surreal source material that is the introduction to The Prisoner, the following is submitted for your approval:


To bookend this post, Outside Automotive also presents a sneak preview of the end credits sequence (sans text) from the remake, which substitutes a Honda Prelude for the penny-farthing.


And for those requiring its source material, the following is submitted for your approval:


In the grand scheme of things, one must point out that there is actually little in common between the individualistic, subversive brilliance that is The Prisoner and the collectivist, establishment parroting mediocrity that is Ed Wallace’s Wheels. Well, there is one similarity. Both feature a nonsensical series finale. Ed Wallace merely substituted Ingram and El Attrache for the man in the gorilla mask.

And with that, be seeing you

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