Sewell Subaru Reappears on Inside Automotive, as Ed Wallace Yearns for a Journey to Infiniti and Beyond
2023 February 18

Valentines Day came and went this past Tuesday, and on that day (February 14, 2023) came a grand gesture of Ed Wallace reinstating Sewell Subaru back onto the purchase page of his Inside Automotive website. Sewell Subaru was dropped back in October, presumably to not conflict with the Subaru dealership for whom incoming co-host John Ingram was general manager. Well, Ingram soon separated from that gig, so Sewell Subaru returns.

Sewell Subaru returns to Insiade Automotive purchase page

In regards to the purchase page, the Sewell Automotive Group is an outlier. It is the only organization whose dealerships remain listed after ending their radio spots on KLIF Wheels. When Frank Kent’s last radio spot ran on Wheels this past October, its Cadillac dealerships were removed from the purchase page days later.

As for the reason for this anomaly, one could speculate that Wallace needs Sewell more than Sewell needs Wallace. For Wallace’s audience demographics, the lack of Infiniti, Lexus, and Subaru dealers is an embarrassing gap. Or, Sewell does purchase significant amounts of radio advertising time, including during the WBAP CarPro show that runs in direct competition with Wheels. Perhaps, Wallace hopes to woo their sponsorship back in the future.

But as thing stand, only speculation is available as to why the Sewell Automotive Group and Ed Wallace went their separate ways.

Ed Wallace Laments the Loss of Sewell as a Sponsor (including Sewell Infiniti GM Gina Collins)[EXPAND]

The above graphic invokes the cultural touchstone that is the music video for the song Separate Ways by the rock band Journey.  As such, the following is submitted for your approval:


The girl steals the show. And here is a good article on what became of that girl woman in that video.

In 1983, Separate Ways was released. Datsuns were sold. And Infiniti did not exist [EXPAND]

For the purposes of this post’s Squeals with Ed Wallace graphic, Sewell Infiniti (Dallas) general manager Gina Collins portrays the girl. This might be a disservice, as it repeats a transgression that Wallace commits where one affixes a cultural reference upon someone unfamiliar with the source material. That Journey music video likely went unnoticed by Gina during her youth, as MTV was already transitioning towards reality television. As such, one risks receiving a shrug instead of an appreciation of the reference.

Wheels with Ed Wallace
KLIF 570 AM May 28, 2022 11:48AM

”So, I have two questions. First is for the ladies. Umm… First of all, props to you Ed for having two female general managers of dealerships
co-host your show.”

Ed Wallace
Wait a minute. I… We did it once with all three of the ladies here including Roxanne from Fort Worth.”

Gina Collins
”Yeah. There are three of us.”

Ed Wallace
”And because the Sewell family has put a number of females in as general managers running dealerships. And that is relatively rare.
No less three times in a row.

And so, when I sent out an e-mail the last time,
I sent out that
it would be like getting
the Go-Go’s back together.

And Roxanne wrote me back and she said:
Yeah. The Go-Go’s were formed
before any of us were born.

 And I said: Then call your mom. She loved them.”


Ed Wallace repeatedly insists on referring to three successful businesswomen as a girl band, as he labels Sewell Infiniti (Dallas) general manager Gina Collins, Sewell Audi (McKinney) general manager Kelly Wolfenberger, and Sewell Infiniti (Fort Worth) general manager Roxanne Morrison as The Go-Go’s. That group is not a cultural touchstone for any of them. Perhaps Wallace should realize that music industry did not stop in the 1980s. Furthermore, if Wallace must affix a girl band label to that trio, at least choose something to which they can relate. [Hint: The Spice Girls are conspicuously there…]