2021 June 19:  Ed Wallace of Wheels States That He Is ‘Not There to Help’ Listener

On the Wheels with Ed Wallace Show of June 19th, 2021, a listener wrote to Ed Wallace regarding a problem with canceling warranty and maintenance policies.  Since the listener did not purchase the policies from one of his sponsors, Wallace refused to provide any guidance on how to resolve the issue. 

Instead, Ed Wallace states that ♫ "I am not there to help him recover from his bad mistakes."

Ed Wallace could have provided general advice such as writing certified letters to both the dealership and policy company or contacting the manufacturer’s representative for the area.  Instead, Wallace castigates the listener for purchasing from the wrong dealership.

Ed Wallace is there to give advice that serves the interests of his sponsors.  As he clearly states, Ed Wallace is not there to help his listeners if doing so conflicts with his sponsors' interests.