2021 June 24:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Again Uses Link Label To Render Opinion Instead of Report

Ed Wallace again changed the title of an article he has linked from Inside Automotive.  The linked Dallas Morning News story has the title  "Attorney General Ken Paxton rules ERCOT not subject to Texas Public Information Act”.  Wallace changed it to “AG Paxton Rules ERCOT's Incompetence is a State Secret”.  There is nothing in the article claiming “incompetence”.  Again, what Ed does is substitute his opinion for both the title and the contents of the article to which he links, misleading his readers as to the contents of the article.

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Uses Link Label as Insult

Inside Automotive’s subtitle states that it is “automotive, economic, business, political and energy news".  As with this example and many others, it is something very different from news.