2021 July 5: Ed Wallace Falsely Accuses Project Veritas of Creating False Narratives

In the July 3rd, 2021 edition of Wheels, Ed Wallace accuses Project Veritas of creating videos that are ♫ "selectively edited to show something that didn't really happen in real life". This is a false claim for which Wallace does not cite even one example to substantiate. Conversely, in the court case 'Wentz vs. Project Veritas', Senior United States District Court Judge G. Kendall Sharp explicitly refutes the same accusation of deceptive editing with the following summary judgment:

Court Rejects Ed Wallace Wheels Project Veritas Claim

Ed Wallace is utilizing the common leftist tactic of accusing his enemies of the malfeasance in which he is engaged. One recent example are democrats accusing elected republican representatives of 'defunding the police', while it is only elected democrat representatives who have proposed legislation to do such. And it is only in democrat controlled cities where of 'defund the police' legislation has passed, causing spikes in crime.

Every week, Ed Wallace creates narratives that did not happen in real life. Many such cases are documented on this website. When one purchases a car from his sponsors, one is providing financial support for this malfeasance.