2021 August 5:  Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction

The introduction to the Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show consists of the plagiarized theme music from the CBS Late Show with David Letterman show with a voiceover telling "jokes".  The month of July 2021 consists of the following "humor”:

July 3, 2021

♫ Slams Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for wanting an investigation of confirmed illegal NSA unmasking of Tucker Carlson.

July 10, 2021

♫ Muses that Republican Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has announced a history book burning event at the Alamo.

July 17, 2021

Features a hat trick of (1) ♫ mocking Republican Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick efforts to protect girls sports, (2) ♫ dismissing Texas Governor Greg Abbott concerns on voting integrity, and (3) exits with the following:  ♫ "And now the man who reminds you that Democrats say government can make you smarter, richer and better looking.  Republicans say government doesn’t work.  And get elected and prove it.”

July 24, 2021

♫ Mocks Republican Representative Matt Gaetz over an alleged relationship with a minor.

July 31, 2021

♫ Mocks Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott for actions taken to stop the spread of coronavirus by illegal aliens.

The “humor” is all at the expense of Republicans.  There is not one aside solely targeting Democrats or naming even one.  Somehow, Wallace could find nothing humorous about Democrats in a month where mask-mandate advocating Texas state Democrat representatives broke quorum, fled in a private plane to Washington D.C. without wearing masks, contracted coronavirus themselves, infected U.S. Congress and White House staff with coronavirus, and then had two members fly off to a Portugal vacation.  Being a partisan, Wallace gives the Democrats a pass that month and every month.

Texas House Democrats FleeDems flee

Furthermore, even the music is a tell.  Wheels with Ed Wallace uses the version of the theme music from the CBS Late Show with David Letterman show instead of the preceding version from the NBC Late Night with David Letterman show.  That choice is appropriate.  It was the transition from NBC to CBS where David Letterman transformed from an apolitical, funny, ratings-leading comedian to a leftist, humorless, ratings-trailing scold.  And it just so happens that ‘leftist, humorless, ratings-trailing scold’ is an accurate description of Ed Wallace as well.