2021 August 8:  Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction (Six Week Streak)

The August 7, 2021 introduction to the Wheels with Ed Wallace radio show consists of the following "humor”:

♫ "Ed's special guest this week.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott with his new book 'Killing Democracy for the Gooder Great’.  A Governor’s journey after stopping Jade Helm."

Partisanship aside, where is the joke in the above?  It is bitter snark untethered to any recent news or show context.  Somehow, immature outbursts of 'Republican governor bad’ equates to comedy in Wallace’s head.

This website has now documented that for the past six weeks in row (the streak probably goes back many months, if not years), Wallace uses every show introduction to throw insults at Republicans while avoiding any mention of contemporary Democratic scandals.  Wallace's repeated claim to being a nonpartisan, honest broker is an intentional deception.