2021 August 30:  Wheels with Ed Wallace’s Deceptive Presentation of the Rittenhouse Case

During the Second Hand News (SHN) segment of the August 28, 2021 edition of Wheels, Ed Wallace manufactures a false narrative regarding Kyle Rittenhouse case of Kenosha, WI.  In this instance, it is the typical deception-by-omission tack that Wallace regularly applies to many of his SHN entries.

Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha, WI to protect a business from the ongoing BLM riots.  The omissions within ♫ Wallace’s presentation of the Rittenhouse case details are egregious:

Wallace:  States without qualification that Rittenhouse “illegally got a friend to front him an AR-15."
Reality:  The friend, Dominick Black, has submitted grounds for dismissing the case and no ruling has yet been made.  The gun purchase/transfer could be legal.  That is why legitimate reporters use the adjective ‘alleged’ before such assertions.  Hence, one more reason among many of why Wallace is not a legitimate reporter.

Wallace:  Highlights that Rittenhouse traveled across state lines.
Reality:  Rittenhouse lives in Antioch, IL, which is adjacent to the IL/WI state line. Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha, WI, twelve miles away.  Wallace’s deceptively implies that vast distances were traveled and that Rittenhouse was inserting himself into an unfamiliar community.

Wallace:  Describes the event in total as Rittenhouse killing two individuals and severely injuring a third individual.
Reality:  The first individual (Rosenbaum) had just tried to roll a burning dumpster into gas station, chased after a retreating Rittenhouse, and was shot when Rittenhouse's escape was blocked.  The second individual (Huber) was shot after having chased after a retreating Rittenhouse, hit Rittenhouse with a skate board, and while grabbing at Rittenhouse's gun.  The third individual (Grosskreutz) was shot after having chased after a retreating Rittenhouse and while pointing a handgun at Rittenhouse in close proximity.

Wallace presentation of the event is deceptive via intentional omissions.  Still, he emotes disbelief at the majority of Americans who agree with Rittenhouse’s use of deadly force to defend himself.  For substantiated journalism instead of Wallace's propaganda, view Matt Orfalea's video titled “Kyle Rittenhouse | Murder or Self-Defense?” to see what really happened that evening in Kenosha, WI.

Ed Wallace Deceitful Rittenhouse Coverage Gaige Grosskreutz with gun

Wallace then moves onto a released video that allegedly shows Rittenhouse making threatening comments, although the video never actually shows Rittenhouse.  ♫ Wallace pretends the activity shown outside CVS is normal and the individuals were "jogging".  Never mind that "Rittenhouse" states in the video that he might see a weapon.  Never mind that the “jog" is a short jaunt by a large group with bags to the open hatch of an SUV while wearing identity obscuring gear.   Wallace concludes by musing how will this video of unknown provenance be explained in court, while omitting that the video’s admissibility into the case has not yet been adjudicated by the judge.

Rittenhouse CVS Video CVS "Rittenhouse" video

This SHN segment is a repeat instance of Wallace whitewashing of BLM violence, claiming the protests were 95% peaceful.  That statistic is a false narrative and was uttered from a studio located less than a mile away from where five Dallas policemen were killed by a BLM protester.  When discussing Rittenhouse, Ed Wallace again creates a fictional narrative to justify his support for Burning, Looting and Murder.  Is it that only Bolshevik Lives Matter to Ed Wallace?

In short, this is just another representative instance of Wallace’s Sleight of Hand News.